Saskatchewan Plant Hardiness Climate Zones

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Saskatchewan Climate

Saskatchewan Climate is divided into 3 regions. It generally receives more hours of sunshine than any other Canadian province.
  1. Subarctic climate: this is at the northern parts of Saskatchewan with a shorter summer season.
  2. Humid continental climate: affects the central and most of the eastern parts of the province.
  3. Semi-arid steppe climate: in the southwestern part of the province.

Now you can click on that zone number near your city name in this table to find the most common and best growing zone-compatible fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, ornamentals and flowers in each area of Saskatchewan in Canada.

Aberdeen Zone 3a
Alameda Zone 4a
Allan Zone 3b
Arborfield Zone 3a
Arcola Zone 3b
Asquith Zone 3b
Assiniboia Zone 4a
Imperial Zone 3b
Indian Head Zone 3b
Ituna Zone 3a
Qu'Appelle Zone 3b
Balcarres Zone 3b
Balgonie Zone 3b
Battleford Zone 3b
Bienfait Zone 4a
Big River Zone 2b
Biggar Zone 3b
Birch Hills Zone 3a
Blaine Lake Zone 3a
Bredenbury Zone 3b
Broadview Zone 3b
Bruno Zone 3a
Burstall Zone 4a
Kamsack Zone 3a
Kelvington Zone 3a
Kerrobert Zone 3b
Kindersley Zone 3b
Kinistino Zone 3a
Kipling Station Zone 3b
Kyle Zone 4a
Radisson Zone 3a
Radville Zone 4a
Raymore Zone 3b
Redvers Zone 3b
Regina Zone 3b
Regina Beach Zone 3b
Rocanville Zone 3b
Rockglen Zone 4a
Rose Valley Zone 3a
Rosetown Zone 3b
Rosthern Zone 3a
Rouleau Zone 3b
Cabri Zone 4a
Canora Zone 3a
Carlyle Zone 3b
Carnduff Zone 4a
Carrot River Zone 3a
Central Butte Zone 4a
Churchbridge Zone 3a
Colonsay Zone 3b
Coronach Zone 4a
Craik Zone 3b
Creighton Zone 2b
Cudworth Zone 3a
Cupar Zone 3a
Cut Knife Zone 3a
La Ronge Zone 2b
Lafl├Ęche Zone 4a
Lampman Zone 4a
Lancer Zone 4a
Langenburg Zone 3b
Langham Zone 3a
Lanigan Zone 3a
Lashburn Zone 3a
Leader Zone 4a
Lemberg Zone 3b
Leroy Zone 3a
Lumsden Zone 3b
Luseland Zone 3b
Saint Walburg Zone 2b
Saltcoats Zone 3b
Saskatoon Zone 3b
Shaunavon Zone 4a
Shellbrook Zone 2b
Sintaluta Zone 3b
Southey Zone 3b
Spiritwood Zone 2b
Springside Zone 3b
St. Brieux Zone 3a
Star City Zone 3a
Stony Rapids Zone 1a
Stoughton Zone 3b
Strasbourg Station Zone 3b
Sturgis Zone 3a
Swift Current Zone 4a
Dalmeny Zone 3a
Davidson Zone 3b
Delisle Zone 3b
Denare Beach Zone 2b
Duck Lake Zone 3a
Dundurn Zone 3b
Macklin Zone 3b
Maidstone Zone 3a
Maple Creek Zone 4b
Martensville Zone 3a
Meadow Lake Zone 2b
Melfort Zone 3a
Melville Zone 3b
Midale Zone 4a
Milestone Zone 3b
Moose Jaw Zone 3b
Moosomin Zone 3b
Morse Zone 4a
Mossbank Zone 4a
Tisdale Zone 3a
Turtleford Zone 2b
Eastend Zone 4a
Eatonia Zone 3b
Elrose Zone 4a
Elrose Zone 4a
Emerald Park Zone 3b
Esterhazy Zone 3b
Estevan Zone 4a
Eston Zone 3b
Naicam Zone 3a
Nipawin Zone 3a
Norquay Zone 3a
North Battleford Zone 3a
Unity Zone 3b
Fleming Zone 3b
Foam Lake Zone 3a
Fort Qu’Appelle Zone 3b
Francis Zone 3b
Ogema Zone 4a
Osler Zone 3a
Outlook Zone 3b
Oxbow Zone 4a
Vonda Zone 3a
Govan Zone 3b
Gravelbourg Zone 4a
Grenfell Zone 3b
Pilot Butte Zone 3b
Ponteix Zone 4a
Porcupine Plain Zone 3a
Preeceville Zone 3a
Prince Albert Zone 3a
Wadena Zone 3a
Wakaw Zone 3a
Waldheim Zone 3a
Wapella Zone 3b
Warman Zone 3a
Watrous Zone 3b
Watson Zone 3a
Wawota Zone 3b
Weyburn Zone 4a
White City Zone 3b
Whitewood Zone 3b
Wilkie Zone 3a
Willowbrook Zone 3b
Wolseley Zone 3b
Wynyard Zone 3a
Hafford Zone 3a
Hague Zone 3a
Hanley Zone 3b
Herbert Zone 4a
Hudson Bay Zone 2b
Humboldt Zone 3a
Yellow Grass Zone 3b
Yorkton Zone 3b