Plants That Grow Well In USDA Zone 2

Basil Herb

This apply to USDA Climate Zone 2a and zone 2b. In these zones the minimum temperatures are -50 to -45 degrees F (-45.6 to -42.8 degrees C) and -45 to -40 degrees F (-42.8 to -40 degrees C) respectively. The plants that grow in this harsh tundra environment must be characterized by extreme cold hardiness and drought tolerance. For notice, the plants mentioned below will under certain conditions grow in zone 1a and zone 1b and vice versa i.e. the zone 1 plants might grow in zone 2 because of the stress tolerance characteristics both have.

What plants are Cold Hardy to USDA Zone 2? What Plants Can Grow in Zone 2?

Fruit Trees that grow in zone 2:

Bleeding Heart
Herbs that grow in zone 2:

Turkestan Rose