Manitoba Plant Hardiness Climate Zones

Oenothera biennis L., Onagraceae

Manitoba climate
Manitoba has an extreme continental climate. Temperatures and precipitation generally decrease from south to north and increase from east to west. Manitoba is far from the moderating influences of mountain ranges or large bodies of water. Because of the generally flat landscape, it is exposed to cold Arctic high-pressure air masses from the northwest during January and February. In the summer, air masses sometimes come out of the Southern United States, as warm humid air is drawn northward from the Gulf of Mexico. Now you can click on that zone number near your city name in this table to find the most common and best growing zone-compatible fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, ornamentals and flowers in each area of Manitoba in Canada.

Alonsa Zone 3b
Altamont Zone 3b
Altona Zone 4a
Amaranth Zone 3b
Arborg Zone 3a
Arrow River Zone 3b
Ashern Zone 3a
Austin Zone 3b
Ile des Chenes Zone 3b
Rapid City Zone 3a
Reinfeld Zone 4a
Reynolds Zone 3a
Rivers Zone 3b
Riverton Zone 3a
Roblin Zone 3a
Roland Zone 4a
Rorketon Zone 3b
Rosenfeld Zone 4a
Rossburn Zone 3a
Russell Zone 3a
Baldur Zone 3b
Beaconia Zone 3b
Beausejour Zone 3b
Bede Zone 3b
Belmont Zone 3b
Berens River Zone 2b
Beresford Lake Zone 3a
Bird River Zone 3b
Birtle Zone 3b
Blumenort Zone 3b
Boissevain Zone 3b
Brandon Zone 3b
Brokenhead Reserve Zone 3b
Brunkild Zone 4a
Killarney Zone 3b
Kleefeld Zone 3b
Saint-Laurent Zone 3b
Sainte Agathe Zone 4a
Sainte-Rose-du-Lac Zone 3b
Schanzenfeld Zone 4a
Selkirk Zone 3b
Seven Sisters Falls Zone 3a
Shamattawa Zone 1a
Shoal Lake Zone 3a
Sidney Zone 3b
Sioux Valley Zone 3b
Skownan Zone 3a
Snow Lake Zone 2a
Souris Zone 3b
Spearhill Zone 3a
Sperling Zone 4a
Sperling Zone 4a
Sprague Zone 3b
St. Adolphe Zone 3b
St. Jean-Baptiste Zone 4a
St. Pierre Zone 3b
Ste. Anne Zone 3b
Steinbach Zone 3b
Stockton Zone 3b
Stonewall Zone 3b
Strathclair Zone 3a
Sundown Zone 3b
Swan Lake Zone 3b
Swan River Zone 3a
CFB Shilo Zone 3b
Camperville Zone 3a
Carberry Zone 3b
Caribou Zone 0a
Carman Zone 4a
Chatfield Zone 3a
Churchill Zone 0a
Churchill Zone 0a
Cormorant Zone 2b
Coulter Zone 4a
Cross Lake Zone 2a
Crystal City Zone 3b
La Broquerie Zone 3b
La Salle Zone 4a
Lac du Bonnet Zone 3b
Langruth Zone 3b
Lauder Zone 3b
Letellier Zone 4a
Lettonia Zone 3b
Lewis Zone 3a
Little Bullhead Zone 3a
Little Grand Rapids Zone 2b
Lockport Zone 3b
Lorette Zone 3b
Teulon Zone 3b
The Pas Zone 2b
Thompson Zone 1b
Treherne Zone 4a
Tyndall Zone 3b
Dallas Zone 3a
Dauphin Zone 3b
Decimal Zone 3a
Deloraine Zone 3b
Deloraine Zone 3b
Deloraine Zone 3b
Delta Zone 3b
Domain Zone 4a
Dominion City Zone 4a
Duck Bay Zone 3a
Dufresne Zone 3b
Dufrost Zone 4a
Dugald Zone 3b
Dunrea Zone 3b
Victoria Beach Zone 3b
Virden Zone 3b
Vita Zone 3b
Eden Zone 3b
Elgin Zone 3b
Elm Creek Zone 4a
Elphinstone Zone 3a
English Brook Zone 3a
Eriksdale Zone 3a
Macdonald Zone 3b
Magnet Zone 3b
Malonton Zone 3a
Manigotagan Zone 3a
Matheson Island Zone 3a
McCreary Zone 3b
Medora Zone 3b
Melita Zone 3b
Miami Zone 4a
Minitonas Zone 3a
Minnedosa Zone 3a
Minto Zone 3b
Mitchell Zone 3b
Moose Lake Zone 2b
Moosehorn Zone 3a
Morden Zone 4a
Morris Zone 4a
Morweena Zone 3a
Mulvihill Zone 3a
Wabowden Zone 2a
Wadhope Zone 3a
Warren Landing Zone 2b
Wasagaming Zone 2b
Waugh Zone 3a
West Hawk Lake Zone 3a
Westbourne Zone 3b
Whitemouth Zone 3a
Winkler Zone 4a
Winnipeg Zone 3b
Winnipeg Beach Zone 3b
Winnipegosis Zone 3a
Fairford Zone 3a
Flin Flon Zone 2b
Foxwarren Zone 3a
Napinka Zone 3b
Narcisse Zone 3a
Neepawa Zone 3b
Newdale Zone 3a
Ninette Zone 3b
Niverville Zone 3b
Norgate Zone 3b
Norway House Zone 2b
Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes Zone 3b
Young Point Zone 2b
Gilbert Plains Zone 3a
Gillam Zone 1a
Gimli Zone 3a
Gladstone Zone 3b
Gods Lake Narrows Zone 2a
Gods River Zone 2a
Grand Marais Zone 3b
Grand Rapids Zone 2b
Grande Pointe Zone 3b
Grandview Zone 3a
Greenway Zone 3b
Gunton Zone 3b
Guynemer Zone 3b
Gypsumville Zone 3a
Oak Lake Zone 3b
Oak Point Zone 3a
Oakbank Zone 3b
Oakbank Zone 3b
Oakburn Zone 3a
Oakville Zone 4a
Ochre River Zone 3b
Osborne Zone 4a
Oxford House Zone 2a
Hallboro Zone 3b
Hamiota Zone 3a
Harcus Zone 3b
Harding Zone 3b
Hartney Zone 3b
Helston Zone 3b
Herb Lake Zone 2a
Highrock Zone 2a
Hilbre Zone 3a
Hodgson Zone 3a
Pelican Rapids Zone 3a
Pickerel Narrows Zone 1b
Pilot Mound Zone 3b
Pinawa Zone 3a
Pine River Zone 3a
Pipestone Zone 3b
Pipun Zone 2a
Plumas Zone 3b
Poplarfield Zone 3a
Portage la Prairie Zone 4a