Virginia USDA Plant Hardiness Zones Map

 Virginia State USDA Growing Zones can be figured out by looking at the Virginia USDA zone map for plant hardiness and reading this table below. Hardiness Zones are helpful in deciding which Trees and Plants will survive in an particular area.

If you want more details about a city and want to know your Garden or Farm USDA Planting Zone look at the name of your city listed here below in the table with the specific zone number near it.

Now you can click on that zone number to find the most common and best growing zone-compatible fruit trees, vegetables and flowers in each area of Virginia.

Virginia Plant Hardiness Zones include: 5a to 8a.

What Planting Zone AM I In?

List of Hardiness Zones for Virginia Cities and Areas in alphabetical order

Abingdon Zone 6b
Accomac Zone 8a
Adwolf Zone 6b
Alberta Zone 7a, 7b
Alexandria Zone 7a, 7b
Allisonia Zone 6b
Altavista Zone 7a
Amelia Court House Zone 7a
Amherst Zone 7a
Annandale Zone 7a
Appalachia Zone 6b
Apple Mountain Lake Zone 7a
Appomattox Zone 7a
Aquia Harbour Zone 7a, 7b
Arcola Zone 6b
Arlington Zone 7a, 7b
Arrington Zone 7a
Ashburn Zone 6b, 7a
Ashland Zone 7a
Atkins Zone 6a, 6b
Atlantic Zone 7b, 8a
Augusta Springs Zone 6b
Idylwood Zone 7a
Independence Zone 6b
Independent Hill Zone 7a
Innsbrook Zone 7a
Iron Gate Zone 7a
Irvington Zone 7b
Ivanhoe Zone 6b
Ivor Zone 7b
Ivy Zone 7a
Quantico Zone 7b
Quantico Base Zone 7b
Quinby Zone 8a
Bailey's Crossroads Zone 7a
Baskerville Zone 7b
Bassett Zone 7a
Basye Zone 6b
Bayside Zone 8a
Bealeton Zone 7a
Bedford Zone 7a, 7b
Belle Haven Zone 8a
Belle Haven Zone 7b
Bellwood Zone 7b
Belmont Zone 6b
Belmont Estates Zone 6b
Belspring Zone 6b
Belview Zone 6b
Benns Church Zone 8a
Bensley Zone 7b
Berryville Zone 6b
Bethel Manor Zone 8a
Big Island Zone 7a
Big Stone Gap Zone 6b
Blacksburg Zone 6b
Blackstone Zone 7a
Blairs Zone 7a, 7b
Bland Zone 6a
Bloxom Zone 8a
Blue Ridge Zone 7a
Blue Ridge Shores Zone 7a
Bluefield Zone 6a, 6b
Bobtown Zone 8a
Bon Air Zone 7a
Boones Mill Zone 7a
Boston Zone 8a
Boswell's Corner Zone 7a, 7b
Bowling Green Zone 7a
Boyce Zone 6b
Boydton Zone 7b
Boykins Zone 7b
Bracey Zone 7b
Brambleton Zone 6b
Branchville Zone 7b
Brandermill Zone 7a
Bridgewater Zone 6b
Brightwood Zone 7a
Bristol Zone 6b
Broadlands Zone 6b, 7a
Broadway Zone 6b
Brodnax Zone 7b
Brookneal Zone 7a
Buchanan Zone 7a
Buckhall Zone 7a
Buckingham Courthouse Zone 7a
Buena Vista Zone 7a
Bull Run Zone 7a
Bull Run Mountain Estates Zone 7a
Burke Zone 7a
Burke Centre Zone 7a
Burkeville Zone 7a
Jarratt Zone 7b
Jolivue Zone 6b
Jonesville Zone 6b
Radford Zone 6b
Raven Zone 6b
Ravensworth Zone 7a
Remington Zone 7a
Reston Zone 7a
Rich Creek Zone 6b
Richlands Zone 6a, 6b
Richmond Zone 7a, 7b
Ridgeway Zone 7a
Riner Zone 6b
Rivanna Zone 7a
Riverdale Zone 7a, 7b
Riverview Zone 6b
Roanoke Zone 7a, 7b
Rockwood Zone 7a
Rocky Mount Zone 7a
Rose Hill Zone 7a, 7b
Rose Hill Zone 6b
Round Hill Zone 7a
Ruckersville Zone 7a
Rural Retreat Zone 6b
Rushmere Zone 8a
Rustburg Zone 7a
Callaghan Zone 6b
Calverton Zone 7a
Camptown Zone 7b
Cana Zone 7a
Cape Charles Zone 8a
Capron Zone 7b
Captains Cove Zone 7b, 8a
Carrollton Zone 8a
Carrsville Zone 7b
Cascades Zone 6b
Castlewood Zone 6b
Catlett Zone 7a
Cats Bridge Zone 8a
Cave Spring Zone 7a, 7b
Cedar Bluff Zone 6b
Central Garage Zone 7a
Centreville Zone 7a
Chamberlayne Zone 7a
Chantilly Zone 6b, 7a
Charles City Zone 7b
Charlottesville Zone 7a
Chase City Zone 7a
Chase Crossing Zone 8a
Chatham Zone 7a
Chatmoss Zone 7a
Cheriton Zone 8a
Cherry Hill Zone 7a, 7b
Chesapeake Zone 7b, 8a
Chester Zone 7b
Chester Gap Zone 6b, 7a
Chilhowie Zone 6b
Chincoteague Zone 7b, 8a
Christiansburg Zone 6b
Churchville Zone 6b
Claremont Zone 7b
Clarksville Zone 7a, 7b
Claypool Hill Zone 6a, 6b
Cleveland Zone 6b
Clifton Zone 7a
Clifton Forge Zone 7a
Clinchco Zone 6b
Clinchport Zone 6b
Clintwood Zone 6a
Clover Zone 7a
Cloverdale Zone 7a
Cluster Springs Zone 7a, 7b
Coeburn Zone 6b
Collinsville Zone 7a
Colonial Beach Zone 7b
Colonial Heights Zone 7b
Columbia Zone 7a
Concord Zone 7a
Countryside Zone 6b
County Center Zone 7a
Courtland Zone 7b
Covington Zone 6b, 7a
Craigsville Zone 6b
Crewe Zone 7a
Crimora Zone 6b
Crosspointe Zone 7a
Crozet Zone 7a
Culpeper Zone 7a
Cumberland Zone 7a
Keller Zone 8a
Kenbridge Zone 7a
Keokee Zone 6b
Keysville Zone 7a
Kilmarnock Zone 7a, 7b
King and Queen Court House Zone 7b
King George Zone 7a
King William Zone 7a
Kings Park Zone 7a
Kings Park West Zone 7a
Kingstowne Zone 7a
Salem Zone 7a, 7b
Saltville Zone 6b
Saluda Zone 7b
Sandston Zone 7b
Sandy Level Zone 7a, 7b
Sanford Zone 8a
Savage Town Zone 8a
Savageville Zone 8a
Saxis Zone 8a
Schuyler Zone 7a
Scotland Zone 7b
Scottsburg Zone 7a
Scottsville Zone 7a
Sedley Zone 7b
Selma Zone 7a
Seven Corners Zone 7a
Seven Mile Ford Zone 6b
Shawneeland Zone 6b
Shawsville Zone 7a
Shenandoah Zone 6b
Shenandoah Farms Zone 6b, 7a
Shenandoah Retreat Zone 6b, 7a
Shenandoah Shores Zone 6b
Sherando Zone 6b
Shipman Zone 7a
Short Pump Zone 7a
Skyland Estates Zone 6b, 7a
Smithfield Zone 7b, 8a
South Boston Zone 7a, 7b
South Hill Zone 7a, 7b
South Riding Zone 6b, 7a
South Run Zone 7a
Southampton Meadows Zone 7b
Southern Gateway Zone 7a
Southside Chesconessex Zone 8a
Sperryville Zone 6b
Spotsylvania Courthouse Zone 7a
Springfield Zone 7a
Springville Zone 5b, 6a, 6b
St. Charles Zone 6b
St. Paul Zone 6b
Stafford Courthouse Zone 7a
Stanardsville Zone 7a
Stanley Zone 6b
Stanleytown Zone 7a
Staunton Zone 6b
Stephens City Zone 6b
Sterling Zone 6b, 7a
Stone Ridge Zone 6b
Stony Creek Zone 7b
Strasburg Zone 6b
Stuart Zone 7a, 7b
Stuarts Draft Zone 6b
Sudley Zone 7a
Suffolk Zone 7b, 8a
Sugar Grove Zone 6a, 6b
Sugarland Run Zone 6b
Surry Zone 7b
Sussex Zone 7b
Dahlgren Zone 7b
Dahlgren Center Zone 7b
Dale City Zone 7a
Daleville Zone 7a
Damascus Zone 6b
Dante Zone 6b
Danville Zone 7b
Dayton Zone 6b
Deep Creek Zone 8a
Deerfield Zone 6a, 6b
Deltaville Zone 7b
Dendron Zone 7b
Dillwyn Zone 7a
Dooms Zone 6b
Drakes Branch Zone 7a
Dranesville Zone 6b, 7a
Draper Zone 6b
Dryden Zone 6b
Dublin Zone 6b
Duffield Zone 6b
Dulles Town Center Zone 6b
Dumbarton Zone 7a
Dumfries Zone 7b
Dungannon Zone 7a
Dunn Loring Zone 7a
La Crosse Zone 7a
Lafayette Zone 7a
Lake Barcroft Zone 7a
Lake Caroline Zone 7a
Lake Holiday Zone 6b
Lake Land'Or Zone 7a
Lake of the Woods Zone 7a
Lake Ridge Zone 7a
Lake Wilderness Zone 7a
Lakeside Zone 7a
Lancaster Zone 7a, 7b
Lansdowne Zone 6b
Laurel Zone 7a
Laurel Hill Zone 7a
Laurel Park Zone 7a
Lawrenceville Zone 7b
Laymantown Zone 7a
Lebanon Zone 6b
Lee Mont Zone 8a
Leesburg Zone 6b, 7a
Lexington Zone 7a
Lincolnia Zone 7a
Linton Hall Zone 7a
Loch Lomond Zone 7a
Long Branch Zone 7a
Lorton Zone 7a
Loudoun Valley Estates Zone 6b
Louisa Zone 7a
Lovettsville Zone 7a
Lovingston Zone 7a
Low Moor Zone 7a
Lowes Island Zone 6b, 7a
Lunenburg Zone 7a
Luray Zone 6b
Lynchburg Zone 7a
Lyndhurst Zone 6b
Tangier Zone 8a
Tappahannock Zone 7b
Tasley Zone 8a
Tazewell Zone 6b
Temperanceville Zone 7b, 8a
Templeton Zone 7b
The Plains Zone 7a
Thynedale Zone 7a
Timberlake Zone 7a
Timberville Zone 6b
Toms Brook Zone 6b
Triangle Zone 7b
Troutdale Zone 6a
Troutville Zone 7a
Tuckahoe Zone 7a
Twin Lakes Zone 7a
Tysons Corner Zone 7a
East Highland Park Zone 7a, 7b
East Lexington Zone 7a
Eastville Zone 8a
Ebony Zone 7b
Edinburg Zone 6b
Elkton Zone 6b
Elliston Zone 7a
Emory Zone 6b
Emporia Zone 7b
Enon Zone 7b
Esmont Zone 7a
Ettrick Zone 7b
Ewing Zone 6b
Exmore Zone 8a
Madison Zone 7a
Madison Heights Zone 7a
Makemie Park Zone 8a
Manassas Zone 7a
Manassas Park Zone 7a
Manchester Zone 7a
Mantua Zone 7a
Mappsburg Zone 8a
Mappsville Zone 8a
Marion Zone 6b
Marshall Zone 7a
Martinsville Zone 7a
Marumsco Zone 7a, 7b
Mason Neck Zone 7a, 7b
Massanetta Springs Zone 6b
Massanutten Zone 6a, 6b
Mathews Zone 7b
Matoaca Zone 7b
Maurertown Zone 6b
Max Meadows Zone 6b
McKenney Zone 7a
McLean Zone 7a
McMullin Zone 6b
McNair Zone 6b, 7a
Meadow View Zone 6b
Meadowbrook Zone 7b
Mechanicsville Zone 7a, 7b
Melfa Zone 8a
Merrifield Zone 7a
Merrimac Zone 6b
Metompkin Zone 8a
Middlebrook Zone 6b
Middleburg Zone 7a
Middletown Zone 6b
Midland Zone 7a
Mineral Zone 7a
Modest Town Zone 8a
Montclair Zone 7a
Monterey Zone 6a
Montrose Zone 7b
Montross Zone 7b
Montvale Zone 7a
Moorefield Station Zone 6b
Motley Zone 7a
Mount Crawford Zone 6b
Mount Hermon Zone 7a, 7b
Mount Jackson Zone 6b
Mount Sidney Zone 6b
Mount Vernon Zone 7b
Mountain Road Zone 7b
Union Hall Zone 7a
Union Level Zone 7b
University Center Zone 6b
University of Virginia Zone 7a
Urbanna Zone 7b
Fair Lakes Zone 7a
Fair Oaks Zone 7a
Fairfax Zone 7a
Fairfax Station Zone 7a
Fairlawn Zone 6b
Fairview Zone 7a
Fairview Beach Zone 
Falls Church Zone 7a
Falmouth Zone 7a
Fancy Gap Zone 6a, 6b
Farmville Zone 7a
Ferrum Zone 7a
Fieldale Zone 7a
Fincastle Zone 7a
Fishersville Zone 6b
Flint Hill Zone 6b
Floyd Zone 6b
Forest Zone 7a
Fort Belvoir Zone 7a, 7b
Fort Chiswell Zone 6b
Fort Hunt Zone 7b
Fort Lee Zone 7b
Franconia Zone 7a
Franklin Zone 7b
Franklin Farm Zone 7a
Fredericksburg Zone 7a
Free Union Zone 7a
Fries Zone 6b
Front Royal Zone 6b, 7a
Narrows Zone 6b
Nassawadox Zone 8a
Nathalie Zone 7a
Neabsco Zone 7a, 7b
Nellysford Zone 6b, 7a
Nelsonia Zone 8a
New Baltimore Zone 7a
New Castle Zone 7a
New Church Zone 7b
New Hope Zone 6b
New Kent Zone 7b
New Market Zone 6b
New River Zone 6b
Newington Zone 7a
Newington Forest Zone 7a
Newport News Zone 7b, 8a
Newsoms Zone 7b
Nickelsville Zone 6b
Norfolk Zone 8a
North Shore Zone 7a
North Springfield Zone 7a
Norton Zone 6a, 6b
Nottoway Court House Zone 7a
Vansant Zone 6b
Verona Zone 6b
Victoria Zone 7a
Vienna Zone 7a
Villa Heights Zone 7a
Vinton Zone 7a, 7b
Virgilina Zone 7b
Virginia Beach Zone 8a
Gainesville Zone 7a
Galax Zone 6b
Gargatha Zone 8a
Gasburg Zone 7b
Gate City Zone 6b, 7a
George Mason Zone 7a
Glade Spring Zone 6b
Glasgow Zone 7a
Glen Allen Zone 7a
Glen Lyn Zone 6b
Glenvar Zone 7a
Gloucester Courthouse Zone 7b
Gloucester Point Zone 7b, 8a
Goochland Zone 7a
Gordonsville Zone 7a
Goshen Zone 6b
Gratton Zone 6a, 6b
Great Falls Zone 6b, 7a
Greenbackville Zone 7b
Greenbriar Zone 7a
Greenbush Zone 8a
Greenville Zone 6b
Gretna Zone 7a
Grottoes Zone 6b
Groveton Zone 7a, 7b
Grundy Zone 6b
Gwynn Zone 7b
Oak Grove Zone 6b
Oak Hall Zone 8a
Oak Level Zone 7a
Oakton Zone 7a
Occoquan Zone 7a
Onancock Zone 8a
Onley Zone 8a
Opal Zone 7a
Orange Zone 7a
Wachapreague Zone 8a
Wakefield Zone 7a
Wakefield Zone 7b
Warfield Zone 7a
Warm Springs Zone 6b
Warrenton Zone 7a
Warsaw Zone 7b
Washington Zone 6b
Wattsville Zone 7b, 8a
Waverly Zone 7b
Waynesboro Zone 6b, 7a
Weber City Zone 6b, 7a
West Falls Church Zone 7a
West Point Zone 7b
West Springfield Zone 7a
Westlake Corner Zone 7a
Weyers Cave Zone 6b
White Stone Zone 7b
Whitesville Zone 8a
Williamsburg Zone 7b
Winchester Zone 6b
Windsor Zone 7b
Wintergreen Zone 6a, 6b, 7a
Wise Zone 6b
Wolf Trap Zone 7a
Woodbridge Zone 7a, 7b
Woodburn Zone 7a
Woodlake Zone 7a
Woodlawn Zone 6a, 6b
Woodlawn Zone 7b
Woodstock Zone 6b
Wyndham Zone 7a
Wytheville Zone 6b
Halifax Zone 7a, 7b
Hallwood Zone 8a
Hamilton Zone 7a
Hampden-Sydney Zone 7a
Hampton Zone 8a
Hanover Zone 7a
Harborton Zone 8a
Harrisonburg Zone 6b
Harriston Zone 6b
Hayfield Zone 7b
Haymarket Zone 7a
Haysi Zone 6b
Heathsville Zone 7b
Henry Fork Zone 7a
Herndon Zone 7a
Highland Springs Zone 7a, 7b
Hillsboro Zone 7a
Hillsville Zone 6a, 6b
Hiwassee Zone 6b
Hollins Zone 7a, 7b
Hollymead Zone 7a
Honaker Zone 6b
Hopewell Zone 7b
Horntown Zone 7b
Horse Pasture Zone 7a
Hot Springs Zone 6a, 6b
Huntington Zone 7b
Hurt Zone 7a
Hybla Valley Zone 7b
Painter Zone 8a
Palmyra Zone 7a
Pamplin City Zone 7a
Pantops Zone 7a
Parksley Zone 8a
Parrott Zone 6b
Passapatanzy Zone 7a
Pastoria Zone 8a
Patrick Springs Zone 7a, 7b
Pearisburg Zone 6b
Pembroke Zone 6b
Penhook Zone 7a
Pennington Gap Zone 6b
Petersburg Zone 7b
Phenix Zone 7a
Pimmit Hills Zone 7a
Piney Mountain Zone 7a
Plum Creek Zone 6b
Pocahontas Zone 6b
Poquoson Zone 8a
Port Royal Zone 7b
Portsmouth Zone 8a
Potomac Mills Zone 7a
Pound Zone 6a, 6b
Powhatan Zone 7a
Prices Fork Zone 6b
Prince George Zone 7b
Pulaski Zone 6b
Pungoteague Zone 8a
Purcellville Zone 7a
Yogaville Zone 7a
Yorkshire Zone 7a
Yorktown Zone 7b