Minnesota USDA Plant Hardiness Zones Map -

 Minnesota State USDA Growing Zones can be figured out by looking at the Minnesota USDA zone map for plant hardiness and reading this table below. Hardiness Zones are helpful in deciding which Trees and Plants will survive in an particular area.

If you want more details about a city and want to know your Garden or Farm USDA Planting Zone look at the name of your city listed here below in the table with the specific zone number near it.

Now you can click on that zone number to find the most common and best growing zone-compatible fruit trees, vegetables and flowers in each area of Minnesota.

Minnesota Plant Hardiness Zones include: 2b to 5a.

What Planting Zone AM I In?

List of Hardiness Zones for Minnesota Cities and Areas in alphabetical order

Ada Zone 4a
Adams Zone 4b
Adrian Zone 4b
Afton Zone 4b
Aitkin Zone 4a
Aitkin County Zone 3b, 4a
Akeley Zone 3b
Albany Zone 4a
Albert Lea Zone 4b
Alberta Zone 4b
Albertville Zone 4b
Alden Zone 4b
Aldrich Zone  3a
Alexandria Zone 4a
Alpha Zone 4b
Altura Zone 4b
Alvarado Zone 4a
Amboy Zone 4b
Andover Zone 4b
Angle Inlet Zone 3a
Annandale Zone 4b
Anoka Zone 4b
Anoka County Zone 4a, 4b
Apple Valley Zone 4b
Appleton Zone 4b
Arco Zone 4b
Arden Hills Zone 4b
Argyle Zone 3b
Arlington Zone 4b
Arnold Zone 4a, 4b
Ashby Zone 4a
Askov Zone 3b
Atwater Zone 4b
Audubon Zone 3b
Aurora Zone 3a, 3b
Austin Zone 4b
Avoca Zone 4b
Avon Zone 4b
Ihlen Zone 4b
Independence Zone 4b
Inger Zone 3b
International Falls Zone 3a
Inver Grove Heights Zone 4b
Iona Zone 4b
Iron Junction Zone 3b
Ironton Zone 3b
Isanti Zone 4a
Isanti County Zone 4a
Isle Zone 3b
Itasca County Zone 3a, 3b, 4a
Ivanhoe Zone 4b
Quamba Zone 3b
Babbitt Zone 3b, 4a
Backus Zone 3b
Badger Zone 3a
Bagley Zone 3b
Baker Zone 4a
Balaton Zone 4b
Ball Club Zone 3b
Barnesville Zone 4a
Barnum Zone 3b
Barrett Zone 4a
Barry Zone 4b
Battle Lake Zone 4a
Baudette Zone 3a
Baxter Zone 3b
Bayport Zone 4b
Beardsley Zone 
Beaulieu Zone 3b
Beaver Bay Zone 4b
Beaver Creek Zone 4b
Becker Zone 4a, 4b
Becker County Zone 3b, 4a
Bejou Zone 3b
Belgrade Zone 4a
Belle Plaine Zone 4b
Bellechester Zone 4b
Bellingham Zone 4b
Beltrami Zone 4a
Beltrami County Zone 3a, 3b
Belview Zone 4b
Bemidji Zone 3b
Bena Zone 3b
Benson Zone 4b
Benton County Zone 4a
Bertha Zone 4a
Bethel Zone 4a
Big Falls Zone 3a
Big Lake Zone 3b
Big Lake Zone 4a, 4b
Big Stone County Zone 4a, 4b
Bigelow Zone 4b
Bigfork Zone 3a, 3b
Bingham Lake Zone 4b
Birchwood Village Zone 4b
Bird Island Zone 4b
Biscay Zone 4b
Biwabik Zone 3a, 3b
Blackduck Zone 3b
Blaine Zone 4b
Blomkest Zone 4b
Blooming Prairie Zone 4b
Bloomington Zone 4b, 5a
Blue Earth Zone 4b
Blue Earth County Zone 4b
Bluffton Zone 3b
Bock Zone 4a
Borup Zone 4a
Bovey Zone 3b
Bowlus Zone 4a
Boy River Zone 3b
Boyd Zone 4b
Braham Zone 4a
Brainerd Zone 3b
Brandon Zone 4a
Breckenridge Zone 4a
Breezy Point Zone 3b
Brewster Zone 4b
Bricelyn Zone 4b
Brook Park Zone 4a
Brooklyn Center Zone 4b
Brooklyn Park Zone 4b
Brooks Zone 3b
Brookston Zone 3b
Brooten Zone 4a
Browerville Zone 4a
Brown County Zone 4b
Browns Valley Zone 4a
Brownsdale Zone 4b
Brownsville Zone 4b
Brownton Zone 4b
Bruno Zone 3b
Buckman Zone 4a
Buffalo Zone 4b
Buffalo Lake Zone 4b
Buhl Zone 3b
Burnsville Zone 4b, 5a
Burtrum Zone 4a
Butterfield Zone 4b
Byron Zone 4b
Jackson Zone 4b
Jackson County Zone 4b, 5a
Janesville Zone 4b
Jasper Zone 4b
Jeffers Zone 4b
Jenkins Zone 3b
Johnson Zone 4b
Jordan Zone 4b
Racine Zone 4b
Ramsey Zone 4b
Ramsey County Zone 4b, 5a
Randall Zone 4a
Randolph Zone 4b
Ranier Zone 3a
Raymond Zone 4b
Red Lake Zone 3b
Red Lake County Zone 3b, 4a
Red Lake Falls Zone 3b
Red Wing Zone 4b
Redby Zone 3b
Redwood County Zone 4b, 5a
Redwood Falls Zone 4b
Regal Zone 4b
Remer Zone 3b
Renville Zone 4b
Renville County Zone 4b, 5a
Revere Zone 4b
Rice Zone 4a
Rice County Zone 4b
Rice Lake Zone 3b
Richfield Zone 4b, 5a
Richmond Zone 4a
Richville Zone 4a
Riverland Zone 3b
Riverton Zone 3b
Robbinsdale Zone 4b
Rochester Zone 4b
Rock County Zone 4b
Rock Creek Zone 4a
Rockford Zone 4b
Rockville Zone 4a, 4b
Rogers Zone 4b
Rollingstone Zone 4b
Ronneby Zone 4a
Roosevelt Zone 3a
Roscoe Zone 4b
Rose Creek Zone 4b
Roseau Zone 3a
Roseau County Zone 3a, 3b
Rosemount Zone 4b
Roseville Zone 4b
Rothsay Zone 4a
Round Lake Zone 4b
Roy Lake Zone 3b
Royalton Zone 4a
Rush City Zone 4a
Rushford Zone 4b
Rushford Village Zone 4b
Rushmore Zone 4b
Russell Zone 4b
Ruthton Zone 4b
Rutledge Zone 3b
Caledonia Zone 4b, 5a
Callaway Zone 3b
Calumet Zone 3b
Cambridge Zone 4a
Campbell Zone 4a
Canby Zone 4b
Cannon Falls Zone 4b
Canton Zone 4b
Carlos Zone 4a
Carlton Zone 4a
Carlton County Zone 3b, 4a, 4b
Carver Zone 4b
Carver County Zone 4b
Cass County Zone 3a, 3b, 4a
Cass Lake Zone 3a
Cedar Mills Zone 4b
Center City Zone 4a
Centerville Zone 4b
Ceylon Zone 5a
Champlin Zone 4b
Chandler Zone 4b
Chanhassen Zone 4b
Chaska Zone 4b
Chatfield Zone 4b
Chickamaw Beach Zone 3b
Chippewa County Zone 4b
Chisago City Zone 4a, 4b
Chisago County Zone 3b, 4a, 4b
Chisholm Zone 3b
Chokio Zone 4b
Circle Pines Zone 4b
Clara City Zone 4b
Claremont Zone 4b
Clarissa Zone 4a
Clarkfield Zone 4b
Clarks Grove Zone 4b
Clay County Zone 3b, 4a
Clear Lake Zone 4a
Clearbrook Zone 3b
Clearwater County Zone 3a, 3b
Clements Zone 4b
Cleveland Zone 4b
Climax Zone 4a
Clinton Zone 4b
Clitherall Zone 4a
Clontarf Zone 4b
Cloquet Zone 3b, 4a
Coates Zone 4b
Cobden Zone 4b
Cohasset Zone 3b, 4a
Cokato Zone 4b
Cold Spring Zone 4a, 4b
Coleraine Zone 3b
Cologne Zone 4b
Columbia Heights Zone 4b
Columbus Zone 4a, 4b
Comfrey Zone 4b
Comstock Zone 4a
Conger Zone 4b
Cook Zone 3a
Cook County Zone 2b, 3a, 3b, 4a, 4b
Coon Rapids Zone 4b
Corcoran Zone 4b
Correll Zone 4b
Cosmos Zone 4b
Cottage Grove Zone 4b
Cottonwood Zone 4b
Cottonwood County Zone 4b
Courtland Zone 4b
Cromwell Zone 3b
Crookston Zone 4a
Crosby Zone 3b
Crosslake Zone 3b
Crow Wing County Zone 3b, 4a
Crystal Zone 4b
Currie Zone 4b
Cuyuna Zone 3b
Cyrus Zone 4b
Kanabec County Zone 3b, 4a
Kandiyohi Zone 4b
Kandiyohi County Zone 4a, 4b
Karlstad Zone 3a
Kasota Zone 4b
Kasson Zone 4b
Keewatin Zone 3b
Kelliher Zone 3b
Kellogg Zone 4b
Kennedy Zone 3b
Kenneth Zone 4b
Kensington Zone 4a
Kent Zone 4a
Kenyon Zone 4b
Kerkhoven Zone 4b
Kerrick Zone 3b
Kettle River Zone 3b
Kiester Zone 5a
Kilkenny Zone 4b
Kimball Zone 4a
Kinbrae Zone 4b
Kingston Zone 4b
Kinney Zone 3b
Kittson County Zone 3a, 3b
Koochiching County Zone 3a, 3b
Sabin Zone 4a
Sacred Heart Zone 4b
Sanborn Zone 4b
Sandstone Zone 3b, 4a
Sargeant Zone 4b
Sartell Zone 4a
Sauk Centre Zone 4a
Sauk Rapids Zone 4a
Savage Zone 4b
Scandia Zone 4a, 4b
Scanlon Zone 4a
Scott County Zone 4a, 4b
Seaforth Zone 4b
Searles Zone 4b
Sebeka Zone 3b
Sedan Zone 4a
Shafer Zone 4a
Shakopee Zone 4b
Shelly Zone 4a
Sherburn Zone 5a
Sherburne County Zone 4a, 4b
Shevlin Zone 3b
Shoreview Zone 4b
Shorewood Zone 4b
Sibley County Zone 4b
Silver Bay Zone 4a, 4b
Silver Creek Zone 4b
Silver Lake Zone 4b
Skyline Zone 4b
Slayton Zone 4b
Sleepy Eye Zone 4b
Sobieski Zone 4a
Solway Zone 3b
Soudan Zone 3a
South End Zone 3b
South Haven Zone 4a
South St. Paul Zone 4b
Spicer Zone 4b
Spring Grove Zone 4b
Spring Hill Zone 4a
Spring Lake Park Zone 4b
Spring Park Zone 4b
Spring Valley Zone 4b
Squaw Lake Zone 3b
St. Anthony Zone 4b
St. Anthony Zone 4a
St. Augusta Zone 4a
St. Bonifacius Zone 4b
St. Charles Zone 4b
St. Clair Zone 4b
St. Cloud Zone 4a
St. Francis Zone 4a
St. Hilaire Zone 3b
St. James Zone 5a
St. Joseph Zone 4a
St. Leo Zone 4b
St. Louis County Zone 3a, 3b, 4a, 4b
St. Louis Park Zone 4b
St. Martin Zone 4a
St. Marys Point Zone 4b
St. Michael Zone 4b
St. Paul Zone 4b, 5a
St. Paul Park Zone 4b
St. Peter Zone 4b
St. Rosa Zone 4a
St. Stephen Zone 4a
St. Vincent Zone 3b
Stacy Zone 4a, 4b
Stanchfield Zone 4a
Staples Zone 4a
Starbuck Zone 4b
Stearns County Zone 4a, 4b
Steele County Zone 4b
Steen Zone 4b
Stephen Zone 3b
Stevens County Zone 4a, 4b
Stewart Zone 4b
Stewartville Zone 4b
Stillwater Zone 4b
Stockton Zone 4b
Storden Zone 4b
Strandquist Zone 3b
Strathcona Zone 3b
Sturgeon Lake Zone 3b
Sunburg Zone 4b
Sunfish Lake Zone 4b
Swanville Zone 4a
Swift County Zone 4b
Dakota Zone 4b
Dakota County Zone 4b, 5a
Dalton Zone 4a
Danube Zone 4b
Danvers Zone 4b
Darfur Zone 4b
Darwin Zone 4b
Dassel Zone 4b
Dawson Zone 4b
Dayton Zone 4b
De Graff Zone 4b
Deephaven Zone 4b
Deer Creek Zone 4a
Deer River Zone 3b
Deerwood Zone 3b
Delano Zone 4b
Delavan Zone 4b
Delhi Zone 4b
Dellwood Zone 4b
Denham Zone 3b
Dennison Zone 4b
Dent Zone 3b
Detroit Lakes Zone 3b
Dexter Zone 4b
Dilworth Zone 4a
Dodge Center Zone 4b
Dodge County Zone 4b
Donaldson Zone 3b
Donnelly Zone 4a
Doran Zone 4a
Douglas County Zone 4a
Dover Zone 4b
Dovray Zone 4b
Duluth Zone 4a, 4b
Dumont Zone 4b
Dundas Zone 4b
Dundee Zone 4b
Dunnell Zone 5a
La Crescent Zone 4b
La Prairie Zone 3b
La Salle Zone 4b
Lac qui Parle County Zone 4b
Lafayette Zone 4b
Lake Benton Zone 4b
Lake Bronson Zone 3b
Lake City Zone 4b
Lake County Zone 3a, 3b, 4a, 4b
Lake Crystal Zone 4b
Lake Elmo Zone 4b
Lake George Zone 3b
Lake Henry Zone 4a
Lake Lillian Zone 4b
Lake of the Woods County Zone 3a, 3b
Lake Park Zone 3b
Lake Shore Zone 3b, 4a
Lake St. Croix Beach Zone 4b
Lake Wilson Zone 4b
Lakefield Zone 4b
Lakeland Zone 4b
Lakeland Shores Zone 4b
Lakeville Zone 4b
Lamberton Zone 4b
Landfall Zone 4b
Lanesboro Zone 4b
Lansing Zone 4b
Laporte Zone 3b
Lastrup Zone 4a
Lauderdale Zone 4b
Le Center Zone 4b
Le Roy Zone 4b
Le Sueur Zone 4b
Le Sueur County Zone 4b
Lengby Zone 3b
Leonard Zone 3b
Leonidas Zone 3b
Leota Zone 4b
Lester Prairie Zone 4b
Lewiston Zone 4b
Lewisville Zone 4b
Lexington Zone 4b
Lilydale Zone 4b
Lincoln County Zone 4b
Lindstrom Zone 4a
Lino Lakes Zone 4b
Lismore Zone 4b
Litchfield Zone 4b
Little Canada Zone 4b
Little Falls Zone 4a
Little Rock Zone 3b
Littlefork Zone 3a
Long Beach Zone 4b
Long Lake Zone 4b
Long Prairie Zone 4a
Longville Zone 3b
Lonsdale Zone 4b
Loretto Zone 4b
Louisburg Zone 4b
Lowry Zone 4a
Lucan Zone 4b
Lutsen Zone 3b, 4a, 4b
Luverne Zone 4b
Lyle Zone 4b
Lynd Zone 4b
Lyon County Zone 4b
Taconite Zone 3b
Tamarack Zone 3b
Taopi Zone 4b
Taunton Zone 4b
Taylors Falls Zone 4a
Tenstrike Zone 3b
The Lakes Zone 4b
The Ranch Zone 3b
Thief River Falls Zone 3b
Thomson Zone 4a
Tintah Zone 4a
Todd County Zone 3b, 4a
Tonka Bay Zone 4b
Tower Zone 3a
Tracy Zone 4b
Trail Zone 3b
Traverse County Zone 4a, 4b
Trimont Zone 4b
Trommald Zone 3b
Trosky Zone 4b
Truman Zone 4b
Turtle River Zone 3b
Twin Lakes Zone 4b
Twin Lakes Zone 3b
Twin Valley Zone 3b
Two Harbors Zone 4b
Tyler Zone 4b
Eagan Zone 4b, 5a
Eagle Bend Zone 4a
Eagle Lake Zone 4b
East Bethel Zone 4a, 4b
East Grand Forks Zone 4a
East Gull Lake Zone 3b, 4a
Easton Zone 4b
Ebro Zone 3b
Echo Zone 4b
Eden Prairie Zone 4b
Eden Valley Zone 4b
Edgerton Zone 4b
Edina Zone 4b
Effie Zone 3b
Eitzen Zone 4b
Elba Zone 4b
Elbow Lake Zone 3b
Elbow Lake Zone 4a
Elgin Zone 4b
Elizabeth Zone 4a
Elk River Zone 4a, 4b
Elko New Market Zone 4b
Elkton Zone 4b
Ellendale Zone 4b
Ellsworth Zone 4b
Elmdale Zone 4a
Elmore Zone 4b
Elrosa Zone 4a
Ely Zone 3b
Elysian Zone 4b
Emily Zone 3b
Emmons Zone 4b
Erhard Zone 4a
Erskine Zone 3b
Esko Zone 4a
Evan Zone 4b
Evansville Zone 4a
Eveleth Zone 3b, 4a
Excelsior Zone 4b
Eyota Zone 4b
Mabel Zone 4b
Madelia Zone 4b
Madison Zone 4b
Madison Lake Zone 4b
Magnolia Zone 4b
Mahnomen Zone 3b
Mahnomen Zone 3b
Mahnomen County Zone 3a, 3b
Mahtomedi Zone 4b
Mahtowa Zone 3b
Manchester Zone 4b
Manhattan Beach Zone 3b
Mankato Zone 4b
Mantorville Zone 4b
Maple Grove Zone 4b
Maple Lake Zone 4b
Maple Plain Zone 4b
Mapleton Zone 4b
Mapleview Zone 4b
Maplewood Zone 4b
Marble Zone 3b
Marietta Zone 4b
Marine on St. Croix Zone 4b
Marshall Zone 4b
Marshall County Zone 3a, 3b, 4a
Martin County Zone 4b, 5a
Martin Lake Zone 4a
Mayer Zone 4b
Maynard Zone 4b
Mazeppa Zone 4b
McGrath Zone 3b
McGregor Zone 3b
McIntosh Zone 3b
McKinley Zone 3b
McLeod County Zone 4b
Meadowlands Zone 3b
Medford Zone 4b
Medicine Lake Zone 4b
Medina Zone 4b
Meeker County Zone 4a, 4b
Meire Grove Zone 4a
Melrose Zone 4a
Menahga Zone 3b
Mendota Zone 4b
Mendota Heights Zone 4b, 5a
Mentor Zone 3b
Merrifield Zone 3b
Middle River Zone 3b
Midway Zone 3b
Miesville Zone 4b
Milaca Zone 4a
Milan Zone 4b
Mille Lacs County Zone 3b, 4a
Millerville Zone 4a
Millville Zone 4b
Milroy Zone 4b
Miltona Zone 4a
Minneapolis Zone 4b, 5a
Minneiska Zone 4b
Minneota Zone 4b
Minnesota City Zone 4b
Minnesota Lake Zone 4b
Minnetonka Zone 4b
Minnetonka Beach Zone 4b
Minnetrista Zone 4b
Mizpah Zone 3b
Montevideo Zone 4b
Montgomery Zone 4b
Monticello Zone 4b
Montrose Zone 4b
Moorhead Zone 4a
Moose Lake Zone 3b
Mora Zone 3b
Morgan Zone 4b
Morris Zone 4a, 4b
Morrison County Zone 3b, 4a
Morristown Zone 4b
Morton Zone 4b
Motley Zone 4a
Mound Zone 4b
Mounds View Zone 4b
Mountain Iron Zone 3b, 4a
Mountain Lake Zone 4b
Mower County Zone 4b
Murdock Zone 4b
Murray County Zone 4b
Myrtle Zone 4b
Ulen Zone 3b
Underwood Zone 4a
Upsala Zone 4a
Urbank Zone 4a
Utica Zone 4b
Fairfax Zone 4b
Fairhaven Zone 4a, 4b
Fairmont Zone 5a
Falcon Heights Zone 4b
Faribault Zone 4b
Faribault County Zone 4b, 5a
Farmington Zone 4b
Farwell Zone 4a
Federal Dam Zone 3b
Felton Zone 4a
Fergus Falls Zone 4a
Fertile Zone 3b
Fifty Lakes Zone 3b
Fillmore County Zone 4b
Finland Zone 4a
Finlayson Zone 3b
Fish Lake Zone 4b
Fisher Zone 4a
Flensburg Zone 4a
Floodwood Zone 3b
Florence Zone 4b
Foley Zone 4a
Forada Zone 4a
Forest Lake Zone 4b
Foreston Zone 4a
Fort Ripley Zone 4a
Fosston Zone 3b
Fountain Zone 4b
Foxhome Zone 4a
Franklin Zone 4b
Frazee Zone 3b
Freeborn Zone 4b
Freeborn County Zone 4b, 5a
Freeport Zone 4a
Fridley Zone 4b
Frontenac Zone 4b
Frost Zone 4b
Fulda Zone 4b
Funkley Zone 3b
Nashua Zone 4a
Nashwauk Zone 3b
Nassau Zone 4b
Naytahwaush Zone 3b
Nelson Zone 4a
Nerstrand Zone 4b
Nett Lake Zone 3a
Nevis Zone 3b
New Auburn Zone 4b
New Brighton Zone 4b
New Germany Zone 4b
New Hope Zone 4b
New London Zone 4a, 4b
New Munich Zone 4a
New Prague Zone 4b
New Richland Zone 4b
New Trier Zone 4b
New Ulm Zone 4b
New York Mills Zone 3b
Newfolden Zone 3b
Newport Zone 4b
Nicollet Zone 4b
Nicollet County Zone 4b
Nielsville Zone 4a
Nimrod Zone 3b
Nisswa Zone 3b
Nobles County Zone 4b
Norcross Zone 4a
Norman County Zone 3b, 4a
North Branch Zone 4a
North Mankato Zone 4b
North Oaks Zone 4b
North St. Paul Zone 4b
Northfield Zone 4b
Northome Zone 3b
Norwood Young America Zone 4b
Nowthen Zone 4a, 4b
Vadnais Heights Zone 4b
Vergas Zone 3b
Vermillion Zone 4b
Verndale Zone 3b
Vernon Center Zone 4b
Vesta Zone 4b
Victoria Zone 4b
Viking Zone 3b
Villard Zone 4a
Vineland Zone 3b
Vining Zone 4a
Virginia Zone 3b, 4a
Garden City Zone 4b
Garfield Zone 4a
Garrison Zone 3b
Garvin Zone 4b
Gary Zone 3b
Gaylord Zone 4b
Gem Lake Zone 4b
Geneva Zone 4b
Georgetown Zone 4a
Ghent Zone 4b
Gibbon Zone 4b
Gilbert Zone 3b, 4a
Gilman Zone 4a
Glencoe Zone 4b
Glenville Zone 4b
Glenwood Zone 4a, 4b
Glyndon Zone 4a
Golden Valley Zone 4b
Gonvick Zone 3b
Good Thunder Zone 4b
Goodhue Zone 4b
Goodhue County Zone 4b
Goodridge Zone 3b
Goodview Zone 4b
Graceville Zone 4b
Granada Zone 5a
Grand Marais Zone 4a, 4b
Grand Meadow Zone 4b
Grand Rapids Zone 3b
Granite Falls Zone 4b
Grant Zone 4b
Grant County Zone 4a, 4b
Grasston Zone 4a
Green Isle Zone 4b
Greenbush Zone 3a
Greenfield Zone 4b
Greenwald Zone 4a
Greenwood Zone 4b
Grey Eagle Zone 4a
Grove City Zone 4b
Grygla Zone 3b
Gully Zone 3b
Oak Grove Zone 4a, 4b
Oak Park Heights Zone 4b
Oakdale Zone 4b
Oakport Zone 4a
Odessa Zone 4b
Odin Zone 4b
Ogema Zone 3b
Ogilvie Zone 4a
Okabena Zone 4b
Oklee Zone 3b
Olivia Zone 4b
Olmsted County Zone 4b
Onamia Zone 3b
Ormsby Zone 4b
Orono Zone 4b
Oronoco Zone 4b
Orr Zone 3a
Ortonville Zone 4b
Osage Zone 3b
Osakis Zone 4a
Oslo Zone 4a
Osseo Zone 4b
Ostrander Zone 4b
Otsego Zone 4a, 4b
Otter Tail County Zone 3b, 4a
Ottertail Zone 4a
Owatonna Zone 4b
Wabasha Zone 4b
Wabasha County Zone 4b
Wabasso Zone 4b
Waconia Zone 4b
Wadena Zone 3b
Wadena County Zone 3b, 4a
Wahkon Zone 3b
Waite Park Zone 4a
Waldorf Zone 4b
Walker Zone 3b, 4a
Walnut Grove Zone 4b
Walters Zone 4b
Waltham Zone 4b
Wanamingo Zone 4b
Wanda Zone 4b
Warba Zone 3b
Warren Zone 3b
Warroad Zone 3a
Warsaw Zone 4b
Waseca Zone 4b
Waseca County Zone 4b
Washington County Zone 4a, 4b
Watertown Zone 4b
Waterville Zone 4b
Watkins Zone 4b
Watonwan County Zone 4b, 5a
Watson Zone 4b
Waubun Zone 3b
Waverly Zone 4b
Wayzata Zone 4b
Welcome Zone 5a
Wells Zone 4b
Wendell Zone 4a
West Concord Zone 4b
West Roy Lake Zone 3b
West St. Paul Zone 4b
West Union Zone 4a
Westbrook Zone 4b
Westport Zone 4a
Whalan Zone 4b
Wheaton Zone 4b
Whipholt Zone 3b
White Bear Lake Zone 4b
White Earth Zone 3b
Wilder Zone 4b
Wilkin County Zone 4a
Willernie Zone 4b
Williams Zone 3a
Willmar Zone 4b
Willow River Zone 3b
Wilmont Zone 4b
Wilton Zone 3b
Windom Zone 4b
Winger Zone 3b
Winnebago Zone 4b
Winona Zone 4b
Winona County Zone 4b, 5a
Winsted Zone 4b
Winthrop Zone 4b
Winton Zone 3a
Wolf Lake Zone 3b
Wolverton Zone 4a
Wood Lake Zone 4b
Woodbury Zone 4b
Woodland Zone 4b
Woodstock Zone 4b
Worthington Zone 4b
Wrenshall Zone 4a
Wright Zone 3b
Wright County Zone 4a, 4b
Wykoff Zone 4b
Wyoming Zone 4a, 4b
Hackensack Zone 3b
Hadley Zone 4b
Hallock Zone 3b
Halma Zone 3b
Halstad Zone 4a
Ham Lake Zone 4a, 4b
Hamburg Zone 4b
Hammond Zone 4b
Hampton Zone 4b
Hancock Zone 4b
Hanley Falls Zone 4b
Hanover Zone 4b
Hanska Zone 4b
Harding Zone 4a
Hardwick Zone 4b
Harmony Zone 4b
Harris Zone 4a
Hartland Zone 4b
Hastings Zone 4b
Hatfield Zone 4b
Hawley Zone 4a
Hayfield Zone 4b
Hayward Zone 4b
Hazel Run Zone 4b
Hector Zone 4b
Heidelberg Zone 4b
Henderson Zone 4b
Hendricks Zone 4b
Hendrum Zone 4a
Hennepin County Zone 4b, 5a
Henning Zone 4a
Henriette Zone 4a
Herman Zone 4a
Hermantown Zone 4a, 4b
Heron Lake Zone 4b
Hewitt Zone 4a
Hibbing Zone 3b
Hill City Zone 3b
Hillman Zone 4a
Hills Zone 4b
Hilltop Zone 4b
Hinckley Zone 4a
Hitterdal Zone 3b
Hoffman Zone 4a
Hokah Zone 4b
Holdingford Zone 4a
Holland Zone 4b
Hollandale Zone 4b
Holloway Zone 4b
Holt Zone 3b
Homer Zone 4b
Hopkins Zone 4b
Houston Zone 4b
Houston County Zone 4b, 5a
Howard Lake Zone 4b
Hoyt Lakes Zone 3a, 3b
Hubbard County Zone 3a, 3b, 4a
Hugo Zone 4b
Humboldt Zone 3b
Hutchinson Zone 4b
Palisade Zone 3b
Park Rapids Zone 3b
Parkers Prairie Zone 4a
Paynesville Zone 4b
Pease Zone 4a
Pelican Rapids Zone 3b, 4a
Pemberton Zone 4b
Pennington County Zone 3b
Pennock Zone 4b
Pequot Lakes Zone 3b
Perham Zone 3b
Perley Zone 4a
Peterson Zone 4b
Pierz Zone 4a
Pillager Zone 4a
Pine Bend Zone 3b
Pine City Zone 4a
Pine County Zone 3b, 4a
Pine Island Zone 4b
Pine Point Zone 3b
Pine River Zone 3b
Pine Springs Zone 4b
Pipestone Zone 4b
Pipestone County Zone 4b
Plainview Zone 4b
Plato Zone 4b
Plummer Zone 3b
Plymouth Zone 4b
Polk County Zone 3a, 3b, 4a
Ponemah Zone 3b
Pope County Zone 4a, 4b
Porter Zone 4b
Preston Zone 4b
Princeton Zone 4a
Prinsburg Zone 4b
Prior Lake Zone 4b
Proctor Zone 4b
Yellow Medicine County Zone 4b
Zemple Zone 3b
Zimmerman Zone 4a
Zumbrota Zone 4b