Heat and Drought Tolerant Fruit Trees

Heat Tolerant Fig Trees

Although most fig trees (Ficus carica) prefer hot dry climates, many of them will not like the extreme harsh drought conditions especially that their roots tend to spread superficially and hence are prone for drought stress. This can be managed with a mulching and picking one of these self fertile 3 heat tolerant varieties to plant in hot climates:

Italian Honey Fig AKA Lattarula Fig
Brown Turkey Fig
LSU Purple Fig

Heat Tolerant Date Palm Trees

You can find Palm trees almost in every state or country but not all of them produce fruit or edible dates. Those trees that will produce the tasty dates and can survive the hot weather are:

Phoenix dactylifera

Heat Tolerant Apple Trees

As we know, apple trees in general need a climate that consist of moderate summer temperatures with medium humidity and a cold winter. However, these 3 types are good in growing in hot climates:

Heat Tolerant Pomegranate Trees

This is the perfect match for dry and hot summer. They are also tolerant of moderate frost, down to about −12 °C (10 °F). Picking one of these 3 large- fruit bearing varieties is optimal for your garden:

Angel Red

Heat Tolerant Citrus Trees

Not uncommon for farmers in the hot climate zones to plant a variety of citrus trees for its economic and ornamental importance. Of notice these species are the widely cultivated:

Orange: Citrus sinensis
Grapefruit: Citrus paradisi
Kumquat: Citrus japonica
Lemon: Citrus limon
Lime: Citrus latifolia
Mandarin / Tangerine: Citrus reticulata

Heat Tolerant Peach Trees

Not all Peach trees are heat tolerant and standard trees will not bear fruits in warm climates, yet you can find few varieties that are grown in drought prone climates like Arizona and California. These are the varieties of peach that will grow and produce fruits in hot areas:

Early Amber
Early Grand
Florida Prince

Heat Tolerant Persimmons Trees

Usually perform better with afternoon shade and amended, well-drained soil. For hot climate these 2 are recommended:


Heat Tolerant Plums Trees

It might not be tough to raise a plum tree in a desert, however,  you need to choose the varieties that will still taste good in such dry conditions. These 2 types are well adapted to drought climates:

Howard Miracle
Santa Rosa