My Guava Tree Is Not Fruiting: How To Make Guava Tree Bear Fruit

 How To Get Guava Trees To Fruit

Guava trees are tropical in nature. This being said, optimal conditions should be mimicked for this tree to grow elsewhere. They don't like cold weather and can't stand frost. Full sun is preferred but not excessive heat. If the later weather is there then partial shade might work.

Best USDA planting hardiness zone for guava trees to grow is 9-11 but can also grow in 12 and 13 with some protection. Average age for Guava tree to bear fruits is 3 to 5 years. Optimal soil conditions include pH of 4.5-7.0, wet and well-drained.

Reasons For Guava Trees Not Fruiting

In this article we are assuming that you were successful in planting a guava tree but it is not fruiting or you have  a grown up tree that you trying to find suitable growing conditions for it so it can bear fruits.

Lack of Pollination: Guava trees are big fans of pollination when it come to bearing fruits. If your tree is blossoming then you are on the right way. The next step is to fertilize those blossoms. Although guavas are self-fruitful, however, leaving the tree on its own will yield only 15%, don't be surprised. This improves to 40% if you hand self-pollinate or even higher if cross pollination is possible. The major pollinator of guavas is the honey bee. So for indoor trees make sure you use your hands to help.

Soil Conditions: Well-drained soil is necessary for this plant to thrive. The roots like moist conditions but not drowning. In hot climates you can use mulch to preserve the moisture. Water every other day when the tree recently planted to 2 months old then at least once weekly provided that the soil is always moist. If planting in a pot, choose a 15 gallon planting pots with drainage to ensure root growth and abundance of nutrients. Manure is recommended as a natural soil amendment. If not available then a medium N-P-K ratio fertilizer will do the trick. This can be applied every 2 months in the first 2 years then every 3-4 months later on.

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