How To Know Guava Is Ripe

 When To Harvest Guava Fruit?

Now your guava tree hit the three-year mark and started blooming. The time came when you harvest the long-waited delicious fancy addition to your farm. The time to harvest your guava fruits will vary from country to another and from climate to another, but at least expect more than one crop a year. In some growing zones, the guava tree will bloom round year yielding 3-4 crops especially when its about 10 feet height. This being said, don't wait or follow any harvest seasons for guava trees but rather look for maturation signs on the fruits. 

Ripe guava

How To Determine When Guava Is Ripe?

It will not be difficult to determine when the guava fruit is ripen. When at least two of these signs are there don't hesitate to pick them from the tree otherwise the fruit flies will destroy it. If you don't have this issue in your backyard then the more ripen it is the more flavor it has.

Color of the guava fruit: The guava fruit start dark green in color and as it grows it become lighter green until ripening start where the color start to gradually turn into yellow color. 

Consistency of the guava fruit: The early phase of the fruit when it is still green is firm then as it start turning into yellow color the consistency starts to become softer until you can indent the skin with the tip of your finger.

Smell of the fruit: The floral aroma can be smelled from many feet away. You can't miss this smell as the fragrance is attractive and appetite opener.

Sometimes you may need to pick them earlier than expected for some reasons. In this case you can keep them at room air where they ripen the same way avocados do. If you don't want to it to ripen fast, you can keep the green fruits in a cool place for couple of weeks as they ripen slowly.