Nova Scotia Plant Hardiness Climate Zones

Nova Scotia Climate

Nova Scotia is the warmest of the provinces in Canada. Nova Scotia climate is closer to continental. The temperature extremes of the continental climate are moderated by the ocean. The sea is a major influence on Nova Scotia's climate. Nova Scotia's cold winters and warm summers are modified and generally moderated by ocean influences. The province is surrounded by four major bodies of water, the Gulf of Saint Lawrence to the north, the Bay of Fundy to the west, the Gulf of Maine to the southwest, and Atlantic Ocean to the southeast. The annual temperatures are: Spring from 1 °C (34 °F) to 17 °C (63 °F), Summer from 14 °C (57 °F) to 28 °C (82 °F), Autumn about 5 °C (41 °F) to 20 °C (68 °F) and Winter about −9 °C (16 °F) to 0 °C (32 °F). Now you can click on that zone number near your city name in this table to find the most common and best growing zone-compatible fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, ornamentals and flowers in each area of Nova Scotia in Canada.

Aberdeen Zone 6a
Advocate Harbour Zone 5b
Afton Zone 6a
Amherst Zone 5b
Annapolis Royal Zone 6b
Antigonish Zone 6a
Arichat Zone 6b
Armdale Zone 6b
Armdale Zone 6b
Auburn Zone 6a
Auld's Cove Zone 6a
Avonport Zone 6a
Aylesford Zone 6a
Imperoyal Zone 6b
Inverness Zone 5b
Iona Zone 6a
Iron Mines Zone 5b
Reserve Mines Zone 6a
River Bourgeois Zone 6b
River Hebert Zone 5b
River John Zone 5b
Riverport Zone 6b
Rockingham Zone 6b
Baddeck Zone 6a
Barrington Zone 6b
Barry Hills Zone 6a
Baxters Harbour Zone 6a
Bedford Zone 6b
Belmont Zone 5b
Berwick Zone 6a
Bible Hill Zone 5b
Blandford Zone 6b
Blockhouse Zone 6a
Blues Mills Zone 5b
Bridgetown Zone 6a
Bridgewater Zone 6a
Brookfield Zone 5b
Brookhill Estates Zone 6a
Jacket Lake Zone 6a
Joggins Zone 5b
Jollimore Zone 6b
Judique Zone 6a
Sackville Manor Mobile Home Park Zone 6b
Salmon River Zone 5b
Salmon River Bridge Zone 6b
Sambro Zone 6b
Schwarzwald Heights Zone 6b
Scotsburn Zone 5b
Seaforth Zone 6b
Seffernsville Zone 6a
Seven Lakes Zone 6b
Sheet Harbour Zone 6a
Shelburne Zone 6b
Sherbrooke Zone 6a
Sherwood Zone 6a
Shubenacadie Zone 6a
Silver Birch Estates Zone 6a
Silverside Estates Zone 6b
Smithfield Zone 6a
Somerset Zone 5b
South Brookfield Zone 6a
South Brookfield Zone 6a
South Maitland Zone 5b
Springhill Zone 5b
St Andrews West Zone 6b
St. Patrick's Channel Zone 5b
St. Peter's Zone 6a
Stellarton Zone 5b
Stewiacke Zone 5b
Sydney Zone 6a
Sydney Mines Zone 6a
Caledonia Zone 6a
Caledonia Zone 5b
Caledonia Zone 5b
Cameron Lake Zone 6a
Cameron Settlement Zone 5b
Canning Zone 6a
Canso Zone 6b
Caribou Zone 6a
Centreville Zone 6a
Chaplin Zone 5b
Chaswood Zone 6a
Chester Zone 6b
Cheverie Zone 6a
Church Point Zone 6b
Clam Harbour Beach Zone 6b
Clark's Harbour Zone 6b
Clearland Zone 6a
Coldbrook Zone 6a
College Lake Zone 5b
Conquerall Bank Zone 6a
Cooks Brook Zone 6a
Cree Hill Zone 6a
Crousetown Zone 6a
Kearney Lake Zone 6b
Kearney Lake Estates Zone 6b
Kempts Ledge Zone 6b
Kennetcook Zone 6a
Kentville Zone 6a
Ketch Harbour Zone 6b
Kingsport Zone 6a
Kingston Zone 6a
Kingsville Zone 6a
Tatamagouche Zone 5b
Third Lake Zone 6b
Thorburn Zone 5b
Three Mile Plains Zone 6a
Timberlea Zone 6b
Tiverton Zone 6b
Trenton Zone 6a
Truro Zone 5b
Tusket Zone 6b
Dalem Lake Zone 6a
Dartmouth Zone 6b
Dayspring Zone 6a
Dean Zone 5b
Debert Zone 5b
Digby Zone 6b
Dominion Zone 6a
Donkin Zone 6a
Dover Zone 6b
Duncans Cove Zone 6b
Lake Echo Zone 6b
Lake of the Woods Zone 6b
Lakeside Zone 6b
Lawrencetown Zone 6a
Lewis Lake Zone 6a
Lexington Zone 5b
Limerock Zone 5b
Linacy Zone 5b
Linwood Zone 6a
Little Harbour Zone 6b
Liverpool Zone 6b
Lockeport Zone 6b
Long Lake Village Zone 6b
Loon Lake Zone 5b
Louisdale Zone 6b
Lower Caledonia Zone 5b
Lower Sackville Zone 6b
Lunenburg Zone 6b
Upper LaHave Zone 6a
Upper Musquodoboit Zone 5b
Upper Rawdon Zone 6a
Upper River Denys Zone 5b
Earltown Zone 5b
East Jeddore Zone 6b
East Loon Lake Village Zone 5b
East Pennant Zone 6b
East Pubnico Zone 6b
East River Zone 6a
Elderbank Zone 6a
Emerald Estates Zone 6b
English Corner Zone 6a
Mabou Zone 5b
MacKay's Corner Zone 6a
Mader's Cove Zone 6b
Maitland Zone 6a
Masstown Zone 5b
Meaghers Grant Zone 6a
Melford Zone 5b
Melvern Square Zone 6a
Melville Cove Zone 6b
Middle LaHave Zone 6a
Middle Musquodoboit Zone 6a
Middle River Zone 5b
Middleton Zone 6a
Milford Zone 6a
Mill Pond Zone 6b
Millville Zone 6a
Molega Zone 6a
Monastery Zone 6a
Moose River Gold Mines Zone 5b
Mooseland Zone 6a
Mulgrave Zone 6a
Musquodoboit Harbour Zone 6b
Wagmatcook First Nation Zone 6a
Wallace Zone 5b
Walton Zone 6a
Waterstone Run Village Zone 6a
Watertrough Hill Zone 6a
Watervale Zone 5b
West Chezzetcook Zone 6b
West Dublin Zone 6b
West LaHave Zone 6a
West Pubnico Zone 6b
Western Shore Zone 6a
Westport Zone 7a
Westville Zone 5b
Weymouth Zone 6b
White Point Zone 6b
Whycocomagh Zone 5b
Windsor Zone 6a
Wolfville Zone 6a
Fairmount Zone 6b
Fairview Zone 6b
Fall River Zone 6b
Fauxburg Zone 6a
Five Island Lake Zone 6b
Flynn Hill Zone 6a
Frame Subdivision Zone 6b
Freeport Zone 7a
New Germany Zone 6a
New Glasgow Zone 6a
New Minas Zone 6a
New Ross Zone 6a
New Waterford Zone 6a
Nictaux Zone 6a
North End Zone 6b
North Sydney Zone 6a
Nyanza Zone 5b
Yarmouth Zone 6b
Gaspereau Zone 6a
Glace Bay Zone 6a
Glen Arbour Zone 6a
Glenbourne Zone 6b
Gold River Zone 6a
Goldboro Zone 6b
Goodwood Zone 6b
Governor's Brook Zone 6b
Grafton Zone 6a
Grand Desert Zone 6b
Grand Pré Zone 6a
Greenhill Estates Zone 5b
Greenwich Zone 6a
Greenwood Zone 6a
Greenwood Zone 6a
Greenwood Heights Zone 6b
Guysborough Zone 6a
Oxford Zone 5b
Oyster Pond Zone 6b
Halifax Zone 6b
Halls Harbour Zone 6a
Hammonds Plains Zone 6a
Hantsport Zone 6a
Harbourville Zone 6a
Hartlin Settlement Zone 6b
Hatchet Lake Zone 6b
Havre Boucher Zone 6a
Havre Boucher Zone 6a
Head of Chezzetcook Zone 6b
Hibernia Zone 6a
Highland Acres Zone 6b
Hubbards Zone 6a
Hubley Zone 6b
Hydrostone Zone 6b
Parkdale Avenue Zone 6b
Parrsboro Zone 5b
Pentz Zone 6b
Perotte Zone 6a
Pictou Zone 6a
Pictou Zone 6a
Pigott Lake Zone 6a
Port Hood Zone 6a
Port Howe Zone 5b