United Kingdom UK USDA RHS Plant Hardiness Zones Map - UK Growing Zones Plant List

UK USDA vs RHS planting zones

Although the United Kingdom Royal Horticultural Society RHS has developed its own Climate Zones classification for the Gardeners and Farmers to use, however, the USDA planting zone system is still the dominant and widely used in the British Isles. The RHS system was initially on a scale of H1 to H4 then a modification was issued where a H1 to H7 system was put in place to match the USDA planting zones as shown in this table that contain links to the most commonly and successfully grown plants in every zone including flowers, vegetables, ornamentals, fruit trees and herbs.

Temp (F)
Temp (C)
-10 to -5
-23.3 to -20.6
-5 to 0
-20.6 to -17.8
0 to 5
-17.8 to -15
5 to 10
-15 to -12.2
10 to 15
-12.2 to -9.4
15 to 20
-9.4 to -6.7
20 to 25
-6.7 to -3.9
25 to 30
-3.9 to -1.1
30 to 35
-1.1 to 1.7
35 to 40
1.7 to 4.4
40 to 45
4.4 to 7.2
45 to 50
7.2 to 10
50 to 55
10 to 12.8
55 to 60
12.8 to 15.6
60 to 65
15.6 to 18.3
65 to 70
18.3 to 21.1

What is my Gardening climate zone? How do I find my UK USDA planting zone?

To know what hardiness zone you live in please click on your city name below and you will find a list of fruit trees, herbs, vegetables, flowers and ornamentals specific to each zone.

Aberdeen Zone 9a
Aberystwyth Zone 9a
Andover  Zone 8b
Hackney Zone 9b
Hammersmith Zone 9a
Harbledown Zone 9a
Harringay Zone 9b
Harrogate Zone 9a
Harrow Zone 9a
Havering Zone 9b
Hawick Zone 9a
Hereford  Zone 8b
Hillingdon  Zone 8b
Holyhead Zone 9a
Hounslow  Zone 8b
Huddersfield  Zone 8b
Hull Zone 9a
Hunstanton  Zone 8b
Pennines Zone 7b
Penzance Zone 9b
Peterborough  Zone 8b
Plymouth Zone 9a
Poole Zone 9a
Portsmouth Zone 9a
Preston Zone 9a
Ballycastle Zone 9a
Ballymena Zone 9a
Barnet Zone 9a
Barnsley Zone 9a
Barnstaple Zone 9b
Barrow-in-Furness Zone 9a
Barry Zone 9a
Basildon Zone 9a
Basingstoke  Zone 8b
Bassetlaw District  Zone 8b
Bath Zone 9a
Becontree Zone 9b
Belfast Zone 9a
Bentley  Zone 8b
Berwick-upon-Tweed Zone 9a
Bexhill Zone 9a
Bexhill-on-Sea Zone 9a
Bexley Zone 9b
Birmingham Zone 9a
Blackburn Zone 9a
Blackpool  Zone 8b
Bolton Zone 9a
Boston Zone 9a
Bournemouth  Zone 8b
Bradford Zone 9a
Brent Zone 9a
Brighton Zone 9a
Bristol Zone 9a
Bromley Zone 9a
Bryher Zone 10a
Ilford Zone 9b
Inverness Zone 9a
Ipswich  Zone 8b
Isles of Scilly Zone 10a
Islington Zone 9a
Reading  Zone 8b
Redbridge Zone 9b
Rhyl Zone 9a
Richmond-upon-Thames  Zone 8b
Rotherham  Zone 8b
Royal Tunbridge Wells  Zone 8b
Caernarfon  Zone 8b
Cambridge Zone 9a
Camden Zone 9a
Campbeltown Zone 9a
Cardiff Zone 9a
Carlisle  Zone 8b
Chelmsford Zone 9a
Chichester  Zone 8b
Coventry  Zone 8b
Craigavon Zone 9a
Cromer Zone 9a
Croydon Zone 9a
Kensington Zone 9a
Kettering  Zone 8b
Kilmarnock  Zone 8b
Kingston upon Hull Zone 9a
Kingston upon Thames Zone 9a
Saint Austell Zone 9a
Saint David's Zone 9a
Saint Helens Zone 9a
Salisbury  Zone 8b
Sheffield  Zone 8b
Shrewsbury Zone 9a
Slough Zone 9a
Snowdonia in Wales Zone 7b
Southampton  Zone 8b
Southend-on-Sea Zone 9a
Southwark Zone 9a
St Ives Zone 9b
Stirling Zone 9a
Stockport  Zone 8b
Stockton-on-Tees  Zone 8b
Stoke-on-Trent  Zone 8b
Stornoway Zone 9a
Stranraer Zone 9a
Stromness Zone 9b
Sunderland Zone 9a
Sutton  Zone 8b
Sutton Coldfield  Zone 8b
Swansea Zone 9a
Swindon Zone 9a
Darlington  Zone 8b
Derby  Zone 8b
Derry Zone 9a
Dorchester Zone 9b
Dover Zone 9a
Dudley Zone 9a
Dumfries  Zone 8b
Dundee Zone 9a
Durham Zone 9a
Lambeth Zone 9a
Leeds Zone 9a
Leicester  Zone 8b
Lerwick Zone 9a
Lewisham Zone 9b
Lincoln  Zone 8b
Liverpool Zone 9a
Llandrindod Wells Zone 9a
London Zone 9a
Londonderry Zone 9a
Lowestoft Zone 9a
Luton Zone 9a
Taunton Zone 9a
Teesside Zone 9a
Telford Zone 9a
The Medway Towns Zone 9a
The Potteries  Zone 8b
Thetford  Zone 8b
Torquay Zone 9b
Tower Hamlets Zone 9b
Truro Zone 9b
Tyneside  Zone 8b
Ealing Zone 9a
Eastbourne Zone 10a
Easton Zone 9b
Edinburgh  Zone 8b
Enfield Zone 9b
Exeter Zone 9a
Maidstone  Zone 8b
Manchester Zone 9a
Margate  Zone 8b
Mendip Zone 9a
Merton Zone 9a
Middlesbrough Zone 9a
Milford Haven Zone 9a
Minehead Zone 9b
Morecambe  Zone 8b
Ullapool  Zone 8b
Falmouth Zone 9b
Filey Zone 9a
Fort William  Zone 8b
Freshwater Zone 9a
Newcastle upon Tyne Zone 9a
Newham Zone 10a
Newport Zone 9a
Newquay Zone 9a
Northallerton Zone 9a
Northampton Zone 9a
Norwich Zone 9a
Nottingham Zone 9a
Walsall Zone 9a
Waltham Forest Zone 9b
Wandsworth Zone 9a
Watford Zone 9b
Wembley Zone 9a
West Bromwich Zone 9a
Westminster Zone 9a
Weymouth Zone 9b
Whitehaven Zone 9a
Wick  Zone 8b
Wolverhampton Zone 9a
Galloway Zone 7b
Glasgow  Zone 8b
Gloucester  Zone 8b
Grampian Mountains Zone 7b
Grantham Zone 9b
Greenock Zone 9b
Greenwich Zone 9b
Guildford  Zone 8b
Oban Zone 9a
Oldham  Zone 8b
Omagh  Zone 8b
Oxford Zone 9a
Yeovil Zone 8a
York  Zone 8b