Pennsylvania USDA Plant Hardiness Zones Map

 Pennsylvania State USDA Growing Zones can be figured out by looking at the Pennsylvania USDA zone map for plant hardiness and reading this table below. Hardiness Zones are helpful in deciding which Trees and Plants will survive in an particular area.

If you want more details about a city and want to know your Garden or Farm USDA Planting Zone look at the name of your city listed here below in the table with the specific zone number near it.

Now you can click on that zone number to find the most common and best growing zone-compatible fruit trees, vegetables and flowers in each area of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Plant Hardiness Zones include: 5a to 7b.

What Planting Zone AM I In?

List of Hardiness Zones for Pennsylvania Cities and Areas in alphabetical order

Aaronsburg Zone 6a 6b
Abbottstown Zone 6b
Ackermanville Zone 6a 5b
Adams County Zone 6b, 7a
Adamsburg Zone 6a
Adamstown Zone 6b
Adamsville Zone 5b
Addison Zone 6a
Akron Zone 6b
Alba Zone 5b
Albion Zone 6a
Albrightsville Zone 5b
Alburtis Zone 6b
Aldan Zone 7a
Alexandria Zone 6b
Alfarata Zone 6b
Aliquippa Zone 6b
Allegheny County Zone 6a, 6b
Alleghenyville Zone 6b
Allenport Zone 6b
Allenport Zone 6b
Allensville Zone 6b
Allentown Zone 6b
Allenwood Zone 6b
Allison Zone 6b
Allison Park Zone 6a, 6b
Allport Zone 5b
Almedia Zone 6b
Alsace Manor Zone 7a
Altamont Zone 6a
Altoona Zone 6a
Ambler Zone 7a
Ambridge Zone 6b
Amity Gardens Zone 6b
Ancient Oaks Zone 6b
Annville Zone 6b
Apollo Zone 6a
Applewold Zone 6a
Arcadia University Zone 7a
Archbald Zone 5b, 6a
Ardmore Zone 7a
Arendtsville Zone 6b
Aristes Zone 6a
Arlington Heights Zone 6a
Armagh Zone 6a
Armstrong County Zone 5b, 6a
Arnold Zone 6b
Arnold City Zone 6b
Arnot Zone 5b
Arona Zone 6a
Ashland Zone 6a
Ashley Zone 6a
Ashville Zone 5b
Aspers Zone 6b
Aspinwall Zone 6b
Atglen Zone 6b
Athens Zone 5b
Atkinson Mills Zone 6b
Atlantic Zone 5b
Atlas Zone 6a
Atlasburg Zone 6a
Atwood Zone 6a
Auburn Zone 6b
Audubon Zone 6b, 7a
Austin Zone 5b
Avalon Zone 6b
Avella Zone 6a
Avis Zone 6a
Avoca Zone 6b
Avon Zone 6b
Avondale Zone 7a
Avonia Zone 6b
Avonmore Zone 6a
Idaville Zone 6b
Imperial Zone 6b
Indian Lake Zone 6a
Indian Mountain Lake Zone 6a
Indiana Zone 6a
Indiana County Zone 5b, 6a
Industry Zone 6a, 6b
Ingram Zone 6b
Inkerman Zone 6b
Intercourse Zone 6b
Iola Zone 6a
Irvona Zone 5b
Irwin Zone 6a
Ivyland Zone 7a
Quakertown Zone 6b
Quarryville Zone 6b
Queens Gate Zone 6b
Quentin Zone 6b
Baden Zone 6b
Baidland Zone 6a, 6b
Baileyville Zone 6a
Bainbridge Zone 6b, 7a
Bairdford Zone 6a
Bakerstown Zone 6a
Baldwin Zone 6a, 6b
Bally Zone 6b
Bangor Zone 6a
Barkeyville Zone 5b
Barrville Zone 6b
Bath Zone 6b
Baumstown Zone 6b
Beallsville Zone 6b
Bear Creek Village Zone 5b, 6a
Bear Lake Zone 5a
Bear Rocks Zone 6a
Beaver Zone 6b
Beaver County Zone 6a, 6b
Beaver Falls Zone 6a, 6b
Beaver Meadows Zone 6a
Beaver Springs Zone 6b
Beaverdale Zone 5b
Beavertown Zone 6b
Bechtelsville Zone 6b
Bedford Zone 6a
Bedford County Zone 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a
Beech Creek Zone 6a
Beech Mountain Lakes Zone 6a
Belfast Zone 6b
Bell Acres Zone 6b
Belle Vernon Zone 6b
Bellefonte Zone 6a, 6b
Belleville Zone 6b
Bellevue Zone 6b
Bellwood Zone 6a
Belmont Zone 6a
Ben Avon Zone 6b
Ben Avon Heights Zone 6b
Bendersville Zone 6b
Benson Zone 6a
Bentleyville Zone 6a, 6b
Benton Zone 6a
Berks County Zone 6a, 6b, 7a
Berlin Zone 5b
Bernville Zone 6b
Berrysburg Zone 6b
Berwick Zone 6b
Berwyn Zone 6b
Bessemer Zone 6a
Bethany Zone 5b
Bethel Zone 6b
Bethel Park Zone 6a, 6b
Bethlehem Zone 6b
Beurys Lake Zone 6a
Big Bass Lake Zone 5a
Big Beaver Zone 6a
Big Run Zone 6a
Bigler Zone 5b
Biglerville Zone 6b
Birchwood Lakes Zone 6a
Bird-in-Hand Zone 6b
Birdsboro Zone 6b
Birmingham Zone 6b
Black Lick Zone 6a
Blain Zone 6b
Blair County Zone 5b, 6a, 6b
Blairsville Zone 6a
Blakely Zone 6a
Blanchard Zone 6a
Blandburg Zone 5b
Blandon Zone 6b
Blawnox Zone 6b
Bloomfield Zone 6b
Blooming Valley Zone 5b
Bloomsburg Zone 6a, 6b
Blossburg Zone 5b
Blue Ball Zone 6b
Blue Bell Zone 7a
Blue Ridge Summit Zone 6b
Boalsburg Zone 6a, 6b
Bobtown Zone 6b
Boiling Springs Zone 6b
Bolivar Zone 6a
Bonneauville Zone 6b
Boothwyn Zone 7b
Boston Zone 6b
Boswell Zone 5b
Bowers Zone 6b
Bowmanstown Zone 6b
Bowmansville Zone 6b
Boyertown Zone 6b
Brackenridge Zone 6a
Braddock Zone 6b
Braddock Hills Zone 6a, 6b
Bradenville Zone 6a
Bradford Zone 5a
Bradford County Zone 5b, 6a
Bradford Woods Zone 6a
Branchdale Zone 6a
Brandonville Zone 6a
Brave Zone 6a
Breinigsville Zone 6b
Brentwood Zone 6b
Bressler Zone 7a
Briar Creek Zone 6b
Brickerville Zone 6b
Bridgeport Zone 7a
Bridgeville Zone 6b
Bridgewater Zone 6b
Brisbin Zone 5b
Bristol Zone 7a
Brittany Farms-The Highlands Zone 6b
Broad Top City Zone 6a
Brockway Zone 5b
Brodheadsville Zone 6a
Brookhaven Zone 7a, 7b
Brookville Zone 5b
Broomall Zone 7a
Brownstown Zone 6a
Brownstown Zone 6b
Brownsville Zone 6b
Browntown Zone 6b
Bruin Zone 6a
Bryn Athyn Zone 7a
Bryn Mawr Zone 7a
Buck Run Zone 6a
Buckhorn Zone 6b
Bucks County Zone 6b, 7a
Buffington Zone 6b
Bulger Zone 6a
Burgettstown Zone 6a
Burlington Zone 5b
Burnham Zone 6b
Burnside Zone 5b, 6a
Butler Zone 6a
Butler County Zone 5b, 6a
Byrnedale Zone 5b
Jackson Center Zone 5b
Jacksonville Zone 6a
Jacksonville Zone 6a
Jacksonwald Zone 6b
Jacobus Zone 6b
James City Zone 5a
Jamestown Zone 5b
Jamison City Zone 6a
Jeannette Zone 6a
Jeddo Zone 6a
Jefferson Zone 6b
Jefferson County Zone 5b, 6a
Jefferson Hills Zone 6a, 6b
Jenkintown Zone 7a
Jennerstown Zone 5b
Jermyn Zone 5b
Jerome Zone 6a
Jersey Shore Zone 6a
Jerseytown Zone 6a
Jessup Zone 5b, 6a
Jim Thorpe Zone 6a
Joffre Zone 6a
Johnsonburg Zone 5a, 5b
Johnstown Zone 6a, 6b
Jonestown Zone 6a
Jonestown Zone 6b
Julian Zone 6b
Juniata County Zone 6a, 6b
Juniata Terrace Zone 6b
Railroad Zone 6b
Rainsburg Zone 6a
Ramblewood Zone 6a, 6b
Ramey Zone 5b
Rankin Zone 6a
Ranshaw Zone 6a
Raubsville Zone 6b
Rauchtown Zone 6a
Ravine Zone 6b
Reading Zone 6b
Reamstown Zone 6b
Rebersburg Zone 6a
Red Hill Zone 7a
Red Lion Zone 7a
Reedsville Zone 6b
Refton Zone 6b
Rehrersburg Zone 6b
Reiffton Zone 6b
Reinerton Zone 6b
Reinholds Zone 6b
Rennerdale Zone 6b
Renningers Zone 6b
Renovo Zone 6a
Republic Zone 6b
Revloc Zone 5b
Rew Zone 5a
Reynolds Heights Zone 6a
Reynoldsville Zone 5b, 6a
Rheems Zone 6b
Rices Landing Zone 6b
Riceville Zone 5b
Richboro Zone 6b, 7a
Richfield Zone 6b
Richland Zone 6b
Richlandtown Zone 6b
Ridgway Zone 5b
Ridley Park Zone 7a
Riegelsville Zone 6b
Rimersburg Zone 6a
Ringtown Zone 6a
Riverside Zone 6a
Riverside Zone 6a, 6b
Riverview Park Zone 6b
Roaring Spring Zone 6a
Robesonia Zone 6b
Robinson Zone 6a
Rochester Zone 6b
Rockhill Zone 6b
Rockledge Zone 7a
Rockwood Zone 5b
Rogersville Zone 6a
Rohrsburg Zone 6a
Rome Zone 5b
Ronco Zone 6b
Ronks Zone 6b
Roscoe Zone 6b
Rose Valley Zone 7a
Roseto Zone 6a
Roseville Zone 5b
Rossiter Zone 5b, 6a
Rosslyn Farms Zone 6b
Rote Zone 6a
Rothsville Zone 6b
Roulette Zone 5a, 5b
Rouseville Zone 5b
Rouzerville Zone 6b
Rowes Run Zone 6b
Royalton Zone 7a
Royersford Zone 6b
Rupert Zone 6a, 6b
Rural Valley Zone 6a
Russell Zone 5b
Russellton Zone 6a
Rutherford Zone 7a
Rutledge Zone 7a
Cairnbrook Zone 5b, 6a
California Zone 6b
Callensburg Zone 6a
Callery Zone 6a
Callimont Zone 6a
Caln Zone 6b
Calumet Zone 6a
Cambria County Zone 5b, 6a, 6b
Cambridge Springs Zone 5b
Cameron County Zone 5b, 6a
Camp Hill Zone 7a
Campbelltown Zone 6b
Canadohta Lake Zone 5b
Canonsburg Zone 6a, 6b
Canton Zone 5b
Carbon County Zone 5b, 6a, 6b
Carbondale Zone 5b
Carlisle Zone 6b
Carmichaels Zone 6b
Carnegie Zone 6b
Carnot-Moon Zone 6b
Carroll Valley Zone 6b
Carrolltown Zone 5b
Cashtown Zone 6b
Cassandra Zone 5b
Casselman Zone 5b
Cassville Zone 6b
Castanea Zone 6a
Castle Shannon Zone 6b
Catasauqua Zone 6b
Catawissa Zone 6b
Cecil-Bishop Zone 6a
Cedar Crest Zone 6b
Cementon Zone 6b
Centerport Zone 6b
Centerville Zone 5b
Centerville Zone 6b
Central City Zone 6a
Centralia Zone 6a
Centre County Zone 5b, 6a, 6b
Centre Hall Zone 6a
Cetronia Zone 6b
Chalfant Zone 6b
Chalfont Zone 6b
Chalkhill Zone 6a
Chambersburg Zone 6b
Chapman Zone 6b
Charleroi Zone 6b
Chase Zone 6a
Cherry Tree Zone 5b
Cherry Valley Zone 5b
Cherryville Zone 6a, 6b
Chest Springs Zone 5b
Chester Zone 7b
Chester County Zone 6b, 7a, 7b
Chester Heights Zone 7a
Chester Hill Zone 5b
Chesterbrook Zone 7a
Cheswick Zone 6b
Chevy Chase Heights Zone 6a
Chewton Zone 6a
Cheyney University Zone 7a
Chicora Zone 6a
Chinchilla Zone 6a
Christiana Zone 6b
Church Hill Zone 6b
Churchill Zone 6b
Churchtown Zone 6b
Churchville Zone 7a
Clairton Zone 6b
Clarence Zone 6a
Clarendon Zone 5b
Clarion Zone 5b
Clarion County Zone 5b, 6a
Clark Zone 6a
Clarks Green Zone 6a
Clarks Summit Zone 6a
Clarksville Zone 6b
Clay Zone 6b
Claysburg Zone 6a
Claysville Zone 6a
Clearfield Zone 6a
Clearfield County Zone 5b, 6a
Cleona Zone 6b
Clifton Heights Zone 7a
Clinton Zone 6b
Clinton County Zone 5b, 6a, 6b
Clintonville Zone 5b
Clymer Zone 6a
Coal Center Zone 6b
Coaldale Zone 6b
Coaldale Zone 6a
Coalmont Zone 6b
Coatesville Zone 6b
Coburn Zone 6a
Cochranton Zone 5b
Cochranville Zone 6b
Cokeburg Zone 6a
Collegeville Zone 6b, 7a
Collingdale Zone 7a
Collinsburg Zone 6b
Colonial Park Zone 6b, 7a
Colony Park Zone 6b
Columbia Zone 6b
Columbia County Zone 5b, 6a, 6b
Columbus Zone 5b
Colver Zone 5b
Colwyn Zone 7b
Commodore Zone 6a
Conashaugh Lakes Zone 5b, 6a
Conestoga Zone 6b, 7a
Confluence Zone 5b, 6a
Conneaut Lake Zone 5b
Conneaut Lakeshore Zone 5b
Conneautville Zone 5b
Connellsville Zone 6a, 6b
Connoquenessing Zone 6a
Conshohocken Zone 7a
Conway Zone 6b
Conyngham Zone 6a
Coopersburg Zone 6b
Cooperstown Zone 5b
Coplay Zone 6b
Coral Zone 6a
Coraopolis Zone 6b
Cornwall Zone 6b
Cornwells Heights Zone 7a
Corry Zone 5b
Corsica Zone 5b
Coudersport Zone 5a, 5b
Courtdale Zone 6a
Crabtree Zone 6a
Crafton Zone 6b
Cranesville Zone 6a
Crawford County Zone 5a, 5b, 6a
Creekside Zone 6a
Crenshaw Zone 5b
Cresson Zone 5b
Cressona Zone 6b
Cross Creek Zone 6a
Cross Roads Zone 7a
Crown Zone 5b
Croydon Zone 7a
Crucible Zone 6b
Cumberland County Zone 6a, 6b, 7a
Cumbola Zone 6a
Curtin Zone 6a
Curtisville Zone 6a
Curwensville Zone 5b, 6a
Kane Zone 5a
Kapp Heights Zone 6b
Karns City Zone 6a
Kelayres Zone 6a
Kempton Zone 6b
Kenhorst Zone 6b
Kenilworth Zone 6b
Kenmar Zone 6a, 6b
Kennerdell Zone 5b, 6a
Kennett Square Zone 7a
Kerrtown Zone 5b
Kersey Zone 5b
King of Prussia Zone 7a
Kingston Zone 6a, 6b
Kirkwood Zone 6b
Kiskimere Zone 6a
Kistler Zone 6b
Kittanning Zone 6a
Klingerstown Zone 6b
Knox Zone 5b
Knoxville Zone 5b
Koppel Zone 6a
Kratzerville Zone 6a, 6b
Kreamer Zone 6b
Kulpmont Zone 6a
Kulpsville Zone 6b, 7a
Kutztown Zone 6b
Kutztown University Zone 6b
Kylertown Zone 5b, 6a
S.N.P.J. Zone 6a
Saegertown Zone 5b
Salisbury Zone 5b
Salix Zone 5b
Salladasburg Zone 6a
Saltillo Zone 6b
Saltsburg Zone 6a
Salunga Zone 6b
Sanatoga Zone 6b, 7a
Sand Hill Zone 6b
Sandy Zone 5b
Sandy Lake Zone 5b
Sandy Ridge Zone 5b
Sankertown Zone 5b
Saw Creek Zone 6a
Saxonburg Zone 6a
Saxton Zone 6b
Saylorsburg Zone 6a
Sayre Zone 5b
Scalp Level Zone 5b
Schaefferstown Zone 6b
Schellsburg Zone 6a
Schlusser Zone 6b
Schnecksville Zone 6b
Schoeneck Zone 6b, 7a
Schubert Zone 6b
Schuylkill County Zone 5b, 6a, 6b
Schuylkill Haven Zone 6b
Schwenksville Zone 6b
Scotland Zone 6b
Scottdale Zone 6a
Scranton Zone 6a
Selinsgrove Zone 6b
Sellersville Zone 6b
Seltzer Zone 6a
Seneca Zone 5b
Seven Fields Zone 6a
Seven Springs Zone 6a
Seven Valleys Zone 6b
Seward Zone 6a
Sewickley Zone 6b
Sewickley Heights Zone 6b
Sewickley Hills Zone 6b
Shade Gap Zone 6b
Shamokin Zone 6a
Shamokin Dam Zone 6b
Shanksville Zone 5b
Shanor-Northvue Zone 6a
Sharon Zone 6a
Sharon Hill Zone 7a
Sharpsburg Zone 6b
Sharpsville Zone 6a
Shartlesville Zone 6b
Shavertown Zone 6a
Sheakleyville Zone 5b
Sheatown Zone 6a
Sheffield Zone 5b
Shelocta Zone 6a
Shenandoah Zone 6a
Shenandoah Heights Zone 6a
Sheppton Zone 6a
Shickshinny Zone 6b
Shillington Zone 6b
Shiloh Zone 6b
Shinglehouse Zone 5a
Shippensburg Zone 6b
Shippensburg University Zone 6b
Shippenville Zone 5b
Shippingport Zone 6a, 6b
Shiremanstown Zone 7a
Shirleysburg Zone 6b
Shoemakersville Zone 6b
Shrewsbury Zone 7a
Sidman Zone 5b
Sierra View Zone 5b, 6a
Siglerville Zone 6b
Silkworth Zone 6a
Silverdale Zone 6b
Simpson Zone 5b
Sinking Spring Zone 6b
Skippack Zone 6b, 7a
Skyline View Zone 6b
Slabtown Zone 6a
Slatedale Zone 6b
Slatington Zone 6b
Slickville Zone 6a
Sligo Zone 5b, 6a
Slippery Rock Zone 5b
Slippery Rock University Zone 5b
Slovan Zone 6a
Smethport Zone 5a
Smicksburg Zone 6a
Smithfield Zone 6b
Smithton Zone 6a
Smock Zone 6a, 6b
Smoketown Zone 6b
Snow Shoe Zone 6a
Snyder County Zone 6a, 6b
Snydertown Zone 6a
Snydertown Zone 6a, 6b
Somerset Zone 5b
Somerset County Zone 5b, 6a, 6b
Soudersburg Zone 6b
Souderton Zone 6b
South Bethlehem Zone 6a
South Coatesville Zone 6b
South Connellsville Zone 6a
South Fork Zone 6a
South Greensburg Zone 6a
South Heights Zone 6b
South New Castle Zone 6a
South Park Township Zone 6a, 6b
South Philipsburg Zone 5b
South Pottstown Zone 6b, 7a
South Renovo Zone 6a
South Temple Zone 6b
South Uniontown Zone 6a
South Waverly Zone 5b
South Williamsport Zone 6a, 6b
Southmont Zone 6a
Southview Zone 6a
Southwest Greensburg Zone 6a
Spartansburg Zone 5b
Speers Zone 6b
Spinnerstown Zone 6b
Spring City Zone 6b
Spring Grove Zone 6b
Spring Hill Zone 5b
Spring House Zone 7a
Spring Mills Zone 6a
Spring Ridge Zone 6b
Springboro Zone 5b
Springdale Zone 6b
Springmont Zone 6b
Spry Zone 6b
St. Clair Zone 6a
St. Clairsville Zone 6a
St. Lawrence Zone 6b
St. Marys Zone 5a, 5b
St. Michael Zone 5b
St. Petersburg Zone 6a
St. Vincent College Zone 6a
Star Junction Zone 6a
Starbrick Zone 5b, 6a
Starrucca Zone 5b
State College Zone 6b
State Line Zone 6b
Steelton Zone 7a
Stevens Zone 6b
Stewartstown Zone 7a
Stiles Zone 6b
Stillwater Zone 6a
Stockdale Zone 6b
Stockertown Zone 6b
Stoneboro Zone 5b
Stonerstown Zone 6b
Stony Creek Mills Zone 6b
Stonybrook Zone 6b
Stormstown Zone 6a
Stouchsburg Zone 6b
Stowe Zone 6b, 7a
Stoystown Zone 6a
Strasburg Zone 6b
Strattanville Zone 5b
Strausstown Zone 6b
Strodes Mills Zone 6b
Strong Zone 6a
Stroudsburg Zone 6a, 6b
Sturgeon Zone 6a
Sugar Grove Zone 5b
Sugar Notch Zone 6a
Sugarcreek Zone 5b, 6a
Sullivan County Zone 5b, 6a
Summerhill Zone 6a
Summerville Zone 5b
Summit Hill Zone 6a
Summit Station Zone 6b
Sun Valley Zone 5b, 6a
Sunbury Zone 6b
Sunrise Lake Zone 6a
Susquehanna County Zone 5a, 5b, 6a
Susquehanna Depot Zone 5b
Susquehanna Trails Zone 7a
Sutersville Zone 6b
Swarthmore Zone 7a
Swartzville Zone 6b
Sweden Valley Zone 5a
Swissvale Zone 6a, 6b
Swoyersville Zone 6a, 6b
Sykesville Zone 5b
Sylvania Zone 5b
Daisytown Zone 6b
Dale Zone 6a
Dallas Zone 6a
Dallastown Zone 7a
Dalmatia Zone 6b
Dalton Zone 6a
Danville Zone 6b
Darby Zone 7b
Darlington Zone 6a
Dauberville Zone 6b
Dauphin Zone 6b
Dauphin County Zone 6a, 6b, 7a
Davidsville Zone 6a
Dawson Zone 6b
Dayton Zone 6a
Deemston Zone 6a, 6b
Deer Lake Zone 6a
Deer Lake Zone 6b
Defiance Zone 6b
Delano Zone 6a
Delaware County Zone 6b, 7a, 7b
Delaware Water Gap Zone 6a, 6b
Delmont Zone 6a
Delta Zone 6b
Denver Zone 6b
Derry Zone 6a
DeSales University Zone 6b
Devon Zone 6b
Dewart Zone 6b
Dickson City Zone 6a
Dicksonville Zone 6a
Dillsburg Zone 6b
Donaldson Zone 6a
Donegal Zone 6a
Donora Zone 6b
Dormont Zone 6b
Dorneyville Zone 6b
Douglassville Zone 6b
Dover Zone 6b
Downingtown Zone 7a
Doylestown Zone 6b
Dravosburg Zone 6b
Drexel Hill Zone 7a
Driftwood Zone 5b, 6a
Dry Tavern Zone 6b
Dryville Zone 6b
Dublin Zone 6b
DuBois Zone 5b
Duboistown Zone 6b
Dudley Zone 6b
Dunbar Zone 6a
Duncannon Zone 6b
Duncansville Zone 6a
Dunlevy Zone 6b
Dunlo Zone 5b
Dunmore Zone 6a
Dunnstown Zone 6a
Dupont Zone 6b
Duquesne Zone 6b
Duryea Zone 6a, 6b
Dushore Zone 5b
Laceyville Zone 6a
Lackawanna County Zone 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b
Laflin Zone 6a, 6b
Lake Arthur Estates Zone 6a
Lake City Zone 6b
Lake Heritage Zone 6b
Lake Latonka Zone 5b
Lake Meade Zone 6b
Lake Winola Zone 6a
Lake Wynonah Zone 6b
Lakemont Zone 6a
Lamar Zone 6a
Lampeter Zone 6b
Lancaster Zone 6b, 7a
Lancaster County Zone 6b, 7a
Landingville Zone 6b
Landisburg Zone 6b
Landisville Zone 6b
Lanesboro Zone 5b
Langeloth Zone 6a
Langhorne Zone 7a
Langhorne Manor Zone 7a
Lansdale Zone 6b
Lansdowne Zone 7a
Lansford Zone 6a
Laporte Zone 6a
Larksville Zone 6a
Latrobe Zone 6a
Lattimer Zone 6a
Laurel Mountain Zone 6a
Laurel Run Zone 6a
Laureldale Zone 6b
Laurelton Zone 6b
Laurys Station Zone 6b
Lavelle Zone 6a
Lawnton Zone 7a
Lawrence Zone 6b
Lawrence County Zone 5b, 6a
Lawrence Park Zone 6b
Lawrenceville Zone 5b
Lawson Heights Zone 6a
Le Raysville Zone 5b
Lebanon Zone 6b
Lebanon County Zone 6a, 6b
Lebanon South Zone 6b
Leechburg Zone 6a
Leeper Zone 5b
Leesport Zone 6b
Leetsdale Zone 6b
Lehigh County Zone 6a, 6b
Lehighton Zone 6a, 6b
Leith-Hatfield Zone 6a
Lemont Zone 6b
Lemont Furnace Zone 6a
Lemoyne Zone 7a
Lenape Heights Zone 6a
Lenhartsville Zone 6b
Lenkerville Zone 6b
Leola Zone 6b
Level Green Zone 6a
Levittown Zone 7a
Lewis Run Zone 5a
Lewisberry Zone 6a
Lewisburg Zone 6b
Lewistown Zone 6b
Liberty Zone 6a, 6b
Liberty Zone 5b
Lightstreet Zone 6a, 6b
Ligonier Zone 6a
Lilly Zone 5b
Lima Zone 7a
Lime Ridge Zone 6b
Lincoln Zone 6a, 6b
Lincoln Park Zone 6b
Lincoln University Zone 6b
Lincolnville Zone 5b
Linesville Zone 5b
Linglestown Zone 6b
Linntown Zone 6b
Linwood Zone 7b
Lionville Zone 6b
Lititz Zone 6b
Little Britain Zone 6b
Little Meadows Zone 5b
Littlestown Zone 6b
Liverpool Zone 6b
Lock Haven Zone 6a, 6b
Locustdale Zone 6a
Loganton Zone 6a
Loganville Zone 6b
Long Branch Zone 6b
Longfellow Zone 6b
Lorain Zone 6a
Lorane Zone 6b
Loretto Zone 5b
Lower Allen Zone 7a
Lower Burrell Zone 6a, 6b
Loyalhanna Zone 6a
Lucerne Mines Zone 6a
Lumber City Zone 6b
Luzerne Zone 6a
Luzerne County Zone 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b
Lycoming County Zone 5b, 6a, 6b
Lykens Zone 6b
Lynnwood-Pricedale Zone 6b
Lyons Zone 6b
Table Rock Zone 6b
Tamaqua Zone 6a
Tarentum Zone 6a, 6b
Tatamy Zone 6b
Taylor Zone 6a, 6b
Taylorstown Zone 6a
Telford Zone 6b
Temple Zone 6b
Templeton Zone 6a
Terre Hill Zone 6b
Tharptown (Uniontown) Zone 6a
The Hideout Zone 5b
Thompson Zone 5b
Thompsontown Zone 6b
Thompsonville Zone 6a, 6b
Thornburg Zone 6b
Thorndale Zone 6b
Three Springs Zone 6b
Throop Zone 6a
Tidioute Zone 5b
Timber Hills Zone 6b
Timblin Zone 6a
Tioga Zone 5b
Tioga County Zone 5b, 6a
Tionesta Zone 5b
Tipton Zone 6a, 6b
Titusville Zone 5b
Toftrees Zone 6b
Topton Zone 6b
Toughkenamon Zone 7a
Towamensing Trails Zone 5b, 6a
Towanda Zone 5b, 6a
Tower City Zone  6b
Townville Zone 5b
Trafford Zone 6b
Trainer Zone 7b
Trappe Zone 6b
Treasure Lake Zone 5b, 6a
Tremont Zone 6b
Tresckow Zone 6a
Trevorton Zone 6a
Trevose Zone 7a
Trexlertown Zone 6b
Trooper Zone 6b, 7a
Troutville Zone 5b
Troxelville Zone 6b
Troy Zone 5b
Trucksville Zone 6a
Trumbauersville Zone 6b
Tullytown Zone 7a
Tunkhannock Zone 6a
Tunnelhill Zone 6a
Turbotville Zone 6b
Turtle Creek Zone 6b
Tuscarora Zone 6a
Twilight Zone 6b
Tyler Run Zone 6b
Tylersburg Zone 5b
Tyrone Zone 6a, 6b
Eagle Lake Zone 5a, 5b
Eagles Mere Zone 6a
Eagleview Zone 6b
Eagleville Zone 6b
Eagleville Zone 6b
Earlston Zone 6b
East Bangor Zone 6a
East Berlin Zone 6b
East Berwick Zone 6b
East Brady Zone 6a
East Butler Zone 6a
East Conemaugh Zone 6a
East Earl Zone 6b
East Freedom Zone 6a, 6b
East Greenville Zone 6b
East Lansdowne Zone 7a
East McKeesport Zone 6a
East Petersburg Zone 6b
East Pittsburgh Zone 6b
East Prospect Zone 6b
East Rochester Zone 6b
East Salem Zone 6b
East Side Zone 5b
East Stroudsburg Zone 6a
East Uniontown Zone 6a
East Vandergrift Zone 6a
East Washington Zone 6a
East Waterford Zone 6b
East York Zone 6b
Eastlawn Gardens Zone 6b
Easton Zone 6b
Eastvale Zone 6b
Eau Claire Zone 5b
Ebensburg Zone 5b
Economy Zone 6a, 6b
Eddington Zone 7a
Eddystone Zone 7b
Edenborn Zone 6b
Edenburg Zone 6b
Edgewood Zone 6b
Edgewood Zone 6a
Edgeworth Zone 6b
Edie Zone 5b
Edinboro Zone 5b
Edwardsville Zone 6a
Effort Zone 6a
Egypt Zone 6b
Ehrenfeld Zone 6a
Eighty Four Zone 6a, 6b
Elco Zone 6b
Elderton Zone 6a
Eldred Zone 5a
Elgin Zone 5b
Elim Zone 6a
Elizabeth Zone 6b
Elizabethtown Zone 6b
Elizabethville Zone 6b
Elk County Zone 5a, 5b, 6a
Elkland Zone 5b
Ellport Zone 6a
Ellsworth Zone 6b
Ellwood City Zone 6a
Elrama Zone 6b
Elverson Zone 6b
Elysburg Zone 6a, 6b
Emerald Lakes Zone 6a
Emigsville Zone 6b
Emlenton Zone 5b
Emmaus Zone 6b
Emporium Zone 5b
Emsworth Zone 6b
Englewood Zone 6a
Enhaut Zone 7a
Enlow Zone 6b
Enola Zone 6b, 7a
Enon Valley Zone 6a
Ephrata Zone 6b
Erie Zone 6b
Erie County Zone 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b
Ernest Zone 6a
Espy Zone 6b
Etna Zone 6b
Evans City Zone 6a
Evansburg Zone 6b
Everett Zone 6b
Everson Zone 6a
Exeter Zone 6a, 6b
Export Zone 6a
Exton Zone 6b, 7a
Eyers Grove Zone 6a
Macungie Zone 6b
Madison Zone 6a
Madisonburg Zone 6a
Mahaffey Zone 5b
Mahanoy City Zone 6a
Mainville Zone 6a
Maitland Zone 6b
Malvern Zone 6b
Mammoth Zone 6a
Manchester Zone 6b
Manheim Zone 6b
Manns Choice Zone 6a
Manor Zone 6a
Manorville Zone 6a
Mansfield Zone 5b
Maple Glen Zone 7a
Mapleton Zone 6b
Mapletown Zone 6b
Marcus Hook Zone 7b
Marianna Zone 6a, 6b
Marianne Zone 5b
Marienville Zone 5b
Marietta Zone 6b
Marion Zone 6b
Marion Center Zone 6a
Marion Heights Zone 6a
Marklesburg Zone 6b
Markleysburg Zone 6a
Marlin Zone 6a
Mars Zone 6a
Marshallton Zone 6a
Martins Creek Zone 6b
Martinsburg Zone 6b
Marysville Zone 6b
Masontown Zone 6b
Masthope Zone 5b, 6a
Matamoras Zone 6a
Mather Zone 6a
Mattawana Zone 6b
Mayfield Zone 5b
Maytown Zone 6b
McAdoo Zone 6a
McAlisterville Zone 6b
McClure Zone 6b
McConnellsburg Zone 6b
McConnellstown Zone 6b
McDonald Zone 6a
McElhattan Zone 6b
McEwensville Zone 6b
McGovern Zone 6a
McKean Zone 6a
McKean County Zone 5a, 5b
McKeansburg Zone 6b
McKees Rocks Zone 6b
McKeesport Zone 6b
McKnightstown Zone 6b
McMurray Zone 6a, 6b
McSherrystown Zone 6b
McVeytown Zone 6b
Meadowlands Zone 6a, 6b
Meadowood Zone 6a
Meadville Zone 5b
Mechanicsburg Zone 6b, 7a
Mechanicsville Zone 6b
Media Zone 7a
Mercer Zone 5b
Mercer County Zone 5b, 6a
Mercersburg Zone 6b
Meridian Zone 6a
Mertztown Zone 6b
Meshoppen Zone 6a
Messiah College Zone 6b
Mexico Zone 6b
Meyersdale Zone 5b
Middleburg Zone 6b
Middleport Zone 6a
Middletown Zone 7a
Middletown Zone 6b
Midland Zone 6a, 6b
Midway Zone 6b
Midway Zone 6a
Mifflin Zone 6b
Mifflin County Zone 5b, 6a, 6b
Mifflinburg Zone 6b
Mifflintown Zone 6b
Mifflinville Zone 6b
Milesburg Zone 6a
Milford Zone 6a
Milford Square Zone 6b
Mill Creek Zone 6b
Mill Hall Zone 6b
Mill Village Zone 5b
Millbourne Zone 7a
Millersburg Zone 6b
Millerstown Zone 6b
Millersville Zone 6b
Millerton Zone 5b
Millheim Zone 6a
Millsboro Zone 6b
Millvale Zone 6b
Millville Zone 6a
Millwood Zone 6a
Milroy Zone 6b
Milton Zone 6b
Minersville Zone 6a
Mingoville Zone 6a
Mocanaqua Zone 6b
Modena Zone 6b
Mohnton Zone 6b
Mohrsville Zone 6b
Monaca Zone 6b
Monessen Zone 6b
Monongahela Zone 6b
Monroe Zone 5b
Monroe County Zone 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b
Monroeville Zone 6a, 6b
Mont Alto Zone 6b
Montandon Zone 6b
Montgomery Zone 6b
Montgomery County Zone 6b, 7a
Montgomeryville Zone 6b
Montour County Zone 6a, 6b
Montoursville Zone 6b
Montrose Zone 5b
Montrose Manor Zone 6b
Monument Zone 6a
Moosic Zone 6a, 6b
Morgantown Zone 6b
Morrisdale Zone 5b
Morrisville Zone 7a
Morrisville Zone 6a
Morton Zone 7a
Moscow Zone 5b
Moshannon Zone 6a
Mount Aetna Zone 6b
Mount Carbon Zone 6a
Mount Carmel Zone 6a
Mount Cobb Zone 5b, 6a
Mount Eagle Zone 6a
Mount Gretna Zone 6b
Mount Gretna Heights Zone 6b
Mount Holly Springs Zone 6b
Mount Jewett Zone 5a
Mount Joy Zone 6b
Mount Morris Zone 6a, 6b
Mount Oliver Zone 6b
Mount Penn Zone 6b
Mount Pleasant Zone 6a
Mount Pleasant Mills Zone 6b
Mount Pocono Zone 5b, 6a
Mount Union Zone 6b
Mount Wolf Zone 6b
Mountain Top Zone 6a
Mountainhome Zone 5b
Mountville Zone 6b
Muhlenberg Park Zone 6b
Muir Zone 6b
Muncy Zone 6b
Mundys Corner Zone 5b
Munhall Zone 6b
Murrysville Zone 6a
Muse Zone 6a
Myerstown Zone 6b
Ulysses Zone 5b
Union City Zone 5b
Union County Zone 5b, 6a, 6b
Union Dale Zone 5b
Union Deposit Zone 6b
Uniontown Zone 6a
Unionville Zone 6a
Unionville Zone 6a
University of Pittsburgh Johnstown Zone 5b
Upland Zone 7b
Upper Exeter Zone 6a
Upper St. Clair Zone 6a, 6b
Ursina Zone 5b
Utica Zone 5b, 6a
Factoryville Zone 6a
Fairchance Zone 6a, 6b
Fairdale Zone 6b
Fairfield Zone 6b
Fairhope Zone 6b
Fairless Hills Zone 7a
Fairview Zone 6a
Fairview Zone 6b
Fairview-Ferndale Zone 6a
Falls Creek Zone 5b
Fallston Zone 6b
Falmouth Zone 7a
Farmersville Zone 6b
Farmington Zone 6a
Farrell Zone 6a
Fawn Grove Zone 7a
Fawn Lake Forest Zone 6a
Faxon Zone 6b
Fayette City Zone 6b
Fayette County Zone 5b, 6a, 6b
Fayetteville Zone 6b
Feasterville Zone 7a
Fellsburg Zone 6a
Felton Zone 6b
Ferndale Zone 6a
Fernville Zone 6a
Finleyville Zone 6a
Fivepointville Zone 6b
Fleetwood Zone 6b
Flemington Zone 6a
Flora Dale Zone 6b
Flourtown Zone 7a
Flying Hills Zone 6b
Folcroft Zone 7a, 7b
Folsom Zone 7a
Foot of Ten Zone 6a
Force Zone 5b
Ford City Zone 6a
Ford Cliff Zone 6a
Forest City Zone 5b
Forest County Zone 5a, 5b
Forest Hills Zone 6b
Forestville Zone 6a
Forksville Zone 6a
Fort Indiantown Gap Zone 6b
Fort Loudon Zone 6b
Fort Washington Zone 7a
Forty Fort Zone 6b
Foster Brook Zone 5a
Foundryville Zone 6b
Fountain Hill Zone 6b
Fountain Springs Zone 6a
Fox Chapel Zone 6b
Fox Chase Zone 6b
Foxburg Zone 6a
Frackville Zone 6a
Frankfort Springs Zone 6a
Franklin Zone 6a
Franklin Zone 5b, 6a
Franklin County Zone 6a, 6b, 7a
Franklin Park Zone 6a, 6b
Franklintown Zone 6b
Fredericksburg Zone 5b
Fredericksburg Zone 6b
Fredericktown Zone 6b
Fredonia Zone 5b
Freeburg Zone 6b
Freedom Zone 6b
Freeland Zone 6a
Freemansburg Zone 6b
Freeport Zone 6a
Friedens Zone 5b
Friedensburg Zone 6b
Friendsville Zone 5b
Frizzleburg Zone 6a
Frystown Zone 6b
Fullerton Zone 6b
Fulton County Zone 6a, 6b
Nanticoke Zone 6a, 6b
Nanty-Glo Zone 5b
Naomi Zone 6b
Narberth Zone 7a
Nazareth Zone 6b
Needmore Zone 6b
Nemacolin Zone 6b
Nescopeck Zone 6b
Nesquehoning Zone 6a
New Albany Zone 5b
New Alexandria Zone 6a
New Baltimore Zone 6a
New Beaver Zone 6a
New Bedford Zone 6a
New Berlin Zone 6b
New Berlinville Zone 6b
New Bethlehem Zone 6a
New Brighton Zone 6b
New Britain Zone 6b
New Buffalo Zone 6b
New Castle Zone 6a
New Castle Northwest Zone 6a
New Centerville Zone 5b
New Columbia Zone 6b
New Columbus Zone 6a
New Cumberland Zone 7a
New Eagle Zone 6b
New Florence Zone 6a
New Freedom Zone 7a
New Freeport Zone 6a
New Galilee Zone 6a
New Holland Zone 6b
New Hope Zone 6b
New Jerusalem Zone 6b
New Kensington Zone 6a, 6b
New Kingstown Zone 6b
New Lebanon Zone 5b
New Market Zone 7a
New Milford Zone 5b
New Morgan Zone 6b
New Oxford Zone 6b
New Paris Zone 6a
New Philadelphia Zone 6a
New Ringgold Zone 6b
New Salem Zone 6a
New Salem Zone 6b
New Schaefferstown Zone 6b
New Stanton Zone 6a
New Tripoli Zone 6b
New Washington Zone 5b
New Wilmington Zone 6a
Newburg Zone 6a
Newburg Zone 6b
Newell Zone 6b
Newmanstown Zone 6b
Newport Zone 6b
Newry Zone 6a
Newton Hamilton Zone 6b
Newtown Zone 7a
Newtown Zone 6a
Newtown Grant Zone 6b
Newville Zone 6b
Nicholson Zone 5b, 6a
Nittany Zone 6a
Nixon Zone 6a
Noblestown Zone 6b
Norristown Zone 7a
North Apollo Zone 6a
North Belle Vernon Zone 6b
North Braddock Zone 6a, 6b
North Catasauqua Zone 6b
North Charleroi Zone 6b
North East Zone 6b
North Irwin Zone 6a
North Philipsburg Zone 5b
North Vandergrift Zone 6a
North Wales Zone 6b
North Warren Zone 5a, 5b
North York Zone 6b
Northampton Zone 6b
Northampton County Zone 6a, 6b
Northern Cambria Zone 5b
Northumberland Zone 6a, 6b
Northumberland County Zone 6a, 6b
Northwest Harborcreek Zone 6b
Northwood Zone 6a
Norvelt Zone 6a
Norwood Zone 7a
Noxen Zone 6a
Nuangola Zone 6a
Numidia Zone 6a
Nuremberg Zone 6a
Valencia Zone 6a
Valley Green Zone 7a
Valley View Zone 6a, 6b
Valley View Zone 6b
Valley-Hi Zone 6b
Van Voorhis Zone 6b
Vanderbilt Zone 6b
Vandergrift Zone 6a
Vandling Zone 5b
Venango Zone 5b
Venango County Zone 5a, 5b, 6a
Verona Zone 6b
Versailles Zone 6b
Vicksburg Zone 6b
Village Green-Green Ridge Zone 7a, 7b
Village Shires Zone 7a
Vinco Zone 5b, 6a
Vintondale Zone 6a
Virginville Zone 6b
Volant Zone 6b
Vowinckel Zone 5b
Galeton Zone 5b
Gallitzin Zone 6a
Gap Zone 6b
Garden View Zone 6a
Gardners Zone 6b
Garrett Zone 5b
Gastonville Zone 6a
Geistown Zone 6a
Geneva Zone 5b
Georgetown Zone 6b
Gettysburg Zone 6b
Gibraltar Zone 6b
Gibsonia Zone 6a
Gilberton Zone 6a
Gilbertsville Zone 6b, 7a
Girard Zone 6b
Girardville Zone 6a
Glasgow Zone 6b
Glen Campbell Zone 5b
Glen Hope Zone 5b, 6a
Glen Lyon Zone 6a
Glen Osborne Zone 6b
Glen Rock Zone 6b
Glenburn Zone 6a
Glendon Zone 6b
Glenfield Zone 6b
Glenolden Zone 7a
Glenshaw Zone 6a, 6b
Glenside Zone 7a
Gold Key Lake Zone 6a
Goldsboro Zone 7a
Goodville Zone 6b
Gordon Zone 6a
Gordonville Zone 6b
Gouglersville Zone 6b
Gouldsboro Zone 5a, 5b
Graceton Zone 6a
Grampian Zone 5b
Grantley Zone 6b
Granville Zone 6b
Grapeville Zone 6a
Grassflat Zone 6a
Gratz Zone 6b
Grazierville Zone 6a, 6b
Great Bend Zone 5b
Green Hills Zone 6a
Green Lane Zone 7a
Green Tree Zone 6b
Greencastle Zone 6b
Greene County Zone 5b, 6a, 6b
Greenfields Zone 6b
Greenock Zone 6b
Greens Landing Zone 5b
Greensboro Zone 6b
Greensburg Zone 6a
Greenville Zone 6a
Greenwood Zone 6a
Grier City Zone 6a
Grill Zone 6b
Grindstone Zone 6b
Grove City Zone 5b
Guilford Zone 6b
Guys Mills Zone 5b
Oak Hills Zone 6a
Oakdale Zone 6b
Oakland Zone 6a
Oakland Zone 6a
Oakland Zone 5b
Oakmont Zone 6b
Oakwood Zone 6a
Oberlin Zone 7a
Ohiopyle Zone 6a
Ohioville Zone 6a, 6b
Oil City Zone 5b, 6a
Oklahoma Zone 5b
Oklahoma Zone 6a
Old Forge Zone 6a, 6b
Old Orchard Zone 6b
Oley Zone 6b
Oliver Zone 6a
Olyphant Zone 6a
Oneida Zone 6a
Orangeville Zone 6a
Orbisonia Zone 6b
Orchard Hills Zone 6a
Oreland Zone 7a
Orrstown Zone 6b
Orrtanna Zone 6b
Orviston Zone 6a
Orwigsburg Zone 6b
Orwin Zone 6b
Osceola Mills Zone 5b
Oswayo Zone 5a, 5b
Oval Zone 6a
Oxford Zone 6b
Wagner Zone 6b
Wakefield Zone 6b
Wall Zone 6b
Wallaceton Zone 5b
Wallenpaupack Lake Estates Zone 5b
Waller Zone 6a
Walnutport Zone 6b
Walnuttown Zone 6b
Wampum Zone 6a
Wanamie Zone 6a
Warminster Heights Zone 7a
Warren Zone 5b, 6a
Warren County Zone 5a, 5b, 6a
Warrior Run Zone 6a
Washington Zone 6a
Washington Boro Zone 6b, 7a
Washington County Zone 5b, 6a, 6b
Washingtonville Zone 6b
Waterford Zone 5b
Watsontown Zone 6b
Wattsburg Zone 5b
Waverly Zone 6a
Waymart Zone 5b
Wayne County Zone 5a, 5b, 6a
Wayne Heights Zone 6b
Waynesboro Zone 6b
Waynesburg Zone 6a
Weatherly Zone 5b, 6a
Webster Zone 6b
Weedville Zone 5b
Weigelstown Zone 6b
Weissport Zone 6b
Weissport East Zone 6a, 6b
Wellersburg Zone 6b
Wellsboro Zone 5b
Wellsville Zone 6b
Wernersville Zone 6b
Wescosville Zone 6b
Wesleyville Zone 6b
West Alexander Zone 6a
West Brownsville Zone 6b
West Chester Zone 6b
West Conshohocken Zone 7a
West Decatur Zone 5b
West Easton Zone 6b
West Elizabeth Zone 6b
West Fairview Zone 7a
West Falls Zone 6a
West Grove Zone 6b
West Hamburg Zone 6b
West Hazleton Zone 6a
West Hills Zone 6a
West Homestead Zone 6b
West Kittanning Zone 6a
West Lawn Zone 6b
West Leechburg Zone 6a
West Liberty Zone 5b, 6a
West Mayfield Zone 6a
West Middlesex Zone 6a
West Middletown Zone 6a
West Mifflin Zone 6a, 6b
West Milton Zone 6b
West Nanticoke Zone 6b
West Newton Zone 6b
West Pittsburg Zone 6a
West Pittston Zone 6b
West Reading Zone 6b
West Sunbury Zone 6a
West View Zone 6b
West Waynesburg Zone 6a
West Wyoming Zone 6a, 6b
West Wyomissing Zone 6b
West York Zone 6b
Westfield Zone 5b
Westland Zone 6a
Westmont Zone 6a
Westmoreland County Zone 5b, 6a, 6b
Weston Zone 6a
Westover Zone 5b
Westwood Zone 6b
Wheatland Zone 6a
Whitaker Zone 6b
White Haven Zone 5b
White Mills Zone 5b
White Oak Zone 6a, 6b
Whitehall Zone 6b
Whitfield Zone 6b
Wickerham Manor-Fisher Zone 6b
Wiconsico Zone 6b
Wilburton Number One Zone 6a
Wilburton Number Two Zone 6a
Wilcox Zone 5a
Wilkes-Barre Zone 6a, 6b
Wilkinsburg Zone 6b
Williamsburg Zone 6b
Williamsport Zone 6a, 6b
Williamstown Zone 6b
Willow Grove Zone 7a
Willow Street Zone 6b
Wilmerding Zone 6b
Wilmore Zone 5b
Wilson Zone 6b
Wind Gap Zone 6a
Wind Ridge Zone 6a
Windber Zone 5b
Windsor Zone 7a
Winfield Zone 6a, 6b
Winterstown Zone 6b, 7a
Witmer Zone 6b
Wolfdale Zone 6a
Womelsdorf Zone 6b
Woodbourne Zone 7a
Woodbury Zone 6a
Woodcock Zone 5b
Woodland Heights Zone 5b
Woodlyn Zone 7a, 7b
Woodside Zone 7a
Woodward Zone 6a
Wormleysburg Zone 7a
Worthington Zone 6a
Worthville Zone 5b
Woxall Zone 6b, 7a
Wrightsville Zone 6b
Wyalusing Zone 6a
Wyano Zone 6a
Wylandville Zone 6b
Wyncote Zone 7a
Wyndmoor Zone 7a
Wyoming Zone 6b
Wyoming County Zone 5b, 6a
Wyomissing Zone 6b
Halfway House Zone 6b
Halifax Zone 6b
Hallam Zone 6b
Hallstead Zone 5b
Hamburg Zone 6b
Hampton Zone 6b
Hannasville Zone 5b
Hanover Zone 6b
Harleigh Zone 6a
Harleysville Zone 6b
Harmonsburg Zone 5b
Harmony Zone 6a
Harrisburg Zone 7a
Harrison City Zone 6a
Harrisville Zone 5b
Hartleton Zone 6b
Hartstown Zone 5b
Harveys Lake Zone 5b, 6a
Harwick Zone 6a
Hasson Heights Zone 5b
Hastings Zone 5b
Hatboro Zone 7a
Hatfield Zone 6b
Haverford College Zone 7a
Hawk Run Zone 5b
Hawley Zone 5b
Hawthorn Zone 6a
Haysville Zone 6b
Hazleton Zone 6a
Hebron Zone 6b
Heckscherville Zone 6a
Hegins Zone 6a
Heidelberg Zone 6b
Heidlersburg Zone 6b
Heilwood Zone 5b
Hellertown Zone 6b
Hemlock Farms Zone 5b
Hendersonville Zone 6a
Hereford Zone 6b
Herminie Zone 6a
Hermitage Zone 5b, 6a
Herndon Zone 6b
Hershey Zone 6b, 7a
Hickory Zone 6a
Hickory Hills Zone 5b
Highland Park Zone 6b
Highspire Zone 7a
Hilldale Zone 6b
Hiller Zone 6b
Hokendauqua Zone 6b
Holiday Pocono Zone 5b
Hollidaysburg Zone 6b
Homeacre-Lyndora Zone 6a
Homer City Zone 6a
Homestead Zone 6b
Hometown Zone 6a
Homewood Zone 6a
Honesdale Zone 5b
Honey Brook Zone 6b
Hookstown Zone 6a
Hooversville Zone 6a
Hop Bottom Zone 5b
Hopeland Zone 6b
Hopewell Zone 6b
Hopwood Zone 6a
Horsham Zone 7a
Hostetter Zone 6a
Houserville Zone 6b
Houston Zone 6b
Houtzdale Zone 5b
Howard Zone 6a
Hublersburg Zone 6a
Hudson Zone 6b
Hughestown Zone 6b
Hughesville Zone 6a
Hulmeville Zone 7a
Hummels Wharf Zone 6b
Hummelstown Zone 7a
Hunker Zone 6a
Hunterstown Zone 6b
Huntingdon Zone 6b
Huntingdon County Zone 5b, 6a, 6b
Hyde Zone 5b, 6a
Hyde Park Zone 6b
Hyde Park Zone 6a
Hydetown Zone 5b
Hyndman Zone 6b
Paint Zone 5b
Palmdale Zone 6b
Palmer Heights Zone 6b
Palmerton Zone 6a, 6b
Palmyra Zone 6b
Palo Alto Zone 6a
Paoli Zone 6b
Paradise Zone 6b
Pardeesville Zone 6a
Paris Zone 6a
Park Forest Village Zone 6b
Parker Zone 6a
Parkesburg Zone 6b
Parkside Zone 7b
Parkville Zone 6b
Parryville Zone 6a
Patterson Heights Zone 6b
Patton Zone 5b
Paxtang Zone 7a
Paxtonia Zone 6b
Paxtonville Zone 6b
Pen Argyl Zone 6a
Pen Mar Zone 6b
Penbrook Zone 7a
Penn Zone 6a
Penn Estates Zone 6a
Penn Lake Park Zone 5b
Penn State Erie (Behrend) Zone 6a
Penn Wynne Zone 7a
Penndel Zone 7a
Penns Creek Zone 6b
Pennsburg Zone 7a
Pennsbury Village Zone 6b
Pennside Zone 6b
Pennville Zone 6b
Pennwyn Zone 6b
Penryn Zone 6b
Perkasie Zone 6b
Perry County Zone 6a, 6b, 7a
Perryopolis Zone 6a, 6b
Petersburg Zone 6b
Petrolia Zone 6a
Philadelphia Zone 7a, 7b
Philadelphia County Zone 7a, 7b
Philipsburg Zone 5b
Phoenixville Zone 6b
Picture Rocks Zone 6a
Pike County Zone 5a, 5b, 6a
Pikes Creek Zone 6a
Pillow Zone 6b
Pine Glen Zone 6a
Pine Grove Zone 6b
Pine Grove Mills Zone 6a, 6b
Pine Ridge Zone 6a
Pitcairn Zone 6b
Pittsburgh Zone 6b
Pittston Zone 6b
Plainfield Zone 6b
Plains Zone 6a, 6b
Platea Zone 6a
Pleasant Gap Zone 6a
Pleasant Hill Zone 6b
Pleasant Hills Zone 6a, 6b
Pleasant View Zone 6a
Pleasantville Zone 6a
Pleasantville Zone 5a
Plum Zone 6a, 6b
Plumsteadville Zone 6b
Plumville Zone 6a
Plymouth Zone 6a
Plymouth Meeting Zone 7a
Plymptonville Zone 6a
Pocono Mountain Lake Estates Zone 6a
Pocono Pines Zone 5b
Pocono Ranch Lands Zone 6a
Pocono Springs Zone 5b
Pocono Woodland Lakes Zone 6a
Point Marion Zone 6b
Polk Zone 5b, 6a
Pomeroy Zone 6b
Port Allegany Zone 5a
Port Carbon Zone 6a
Port Clinton Zone 6b
Port Matilda Zone 6a
Port Royal Zone 6b
Port Trevorton Zone 6b
Port Vue Zone 6a
Portage Zone 5b
Portersville Zone 6a
Portland Zone 6b
Potlicker Flats Zone 6b
Potter County Zone 5a, 5b
Pottsgrove Zone 6b
Pottstown Zone 6b, 7a
Pottsville Zone 6a, 6b
Pringle Zone 6a
Progress Zone 7a
Prompton Zone 5b
Prospect Zone 6a
Prospect Park Zone 5b
Prospect Park Zone 7a
Punxsutawney Zone 5b
Pymatuning Central Zone 5b
Pymatuning North Zone 5b
Pymatuning South Zone 5b
Yardley Zone 7a
Yatesville Zone 6b
Yeadon Zone 7a, 7b
Yeagertown Zone 6b
Yoe Zone 7a
York Zone 6b
York County Zone 6b, 7a
York Haven Zone 7a
York Springs Zone 6b
Yorkana Zone  6b
Yorklyn Zone 6b
Youngstown Zone 6a
Youngsville Zone 5b
Youngwood Zone 6a
Yukon Zone 6a
Zelienople Zone 6a
Zion Zone 6a