Georgia USDA Plant Hardiness Zones Map

 Georgia State USDA Growing Zones can be figured out by looking at the Georgia USDA zone map for plant hardiness and reading this table below. Hardiness Zones are helpful in deciding which Trees and Plants will survive in an particular area.

If you want more details about a city and want to know your Garden or Farm USDA Planting Zone look at the name of your city listed here below in the table with the specific zone number near it.

Now you can click on that zone number to find the most common and best growing zone-compatible fruit trees, vegetables and flowers in each area of Georgia.

Georgia Plant Hardiness Zones include 6a to 9a.

What Planting Zone AM I In?

List of Hardiness Zones for Georgia Cities and Areas in alphabetical order

Abbeville Zone 8b
Acworth Zone 7b
Adairsville Zone 7b
Adel Zone 8b
Adrian Zone 8b
Ailey Zone 8b
Alamo Zone 8b
Alapaha Zone 8b
Albany Zone 8b
Aldora Zone 8a
Allenhurst Zone 8b
Allentown Zone 8a
Alma Zone 8b
Alpharetta Zone 7b
Alston Zone 8b
Alto Zone 7b
Ambrose Zone 8b
Americus Zone 8a
Andersonville Zone 8a
Appling Zone 8a
Appling County Zone 8b
Arabi Zone 8b
Aragon Zone 7b
Arcade Zone 8a
Argyle Zone 8b
Arlington Zone 8b
Arnoldsville Zone 8a
Ashburn Zone 8b
Athens Zone 8a
Atkinson County Zone 8b
Atlanta Zone 7b, 8a
Attapulgus Zone 8b
Auburn Zone 7b, 8a
Augusta Zone 8a
Austell Zone 7b
Avalon Zone 8a
Avera Zone 8a
Avondale Estates Zone 7b
Ideal Zone 8a
Ila Zone 8a
Indian Springs Zone 7b
Iron City Zone 8b
Irondale Zone 8a
Irwin County Zone 8b
Irwinton Zone 8a
Isle of Hope Zone 8b
Ivey Zone 8a
Quitman Zone 8b
Quitman County Zone 8a, 8b
Bacon County Zone 8b
Baconton Zone 8b
Bainbridge Zone 8b
Baker County Zone 8b
Baldwin Zone 7b, 8a
Baldwin County Zone 8a
Ball Ground Zone 7b
Banks County Zone 7b, 8a
Barnesville Zone 8a
Barrow County Zone 7b, 8a
Bartow Zone 8a
Bartow County Zone 7b
Barwick Zone 8b
Baxley Zone 8b
Bellville Zone 8b
Belvedere Park Zone 7b, 8a
Ben Hill County Zone 8b
Berkeley Lake Zone 7b
Berlin Zone 8b
Berrien County Zone 8b
Bethlehem Zone 8a
Between Zone 8a
Bibb County Zone 8a
Bishop Zone 8a
Blackshear Zone 8b
Blairsville Zone 7a
Blakely Zone 8b
Bleckley County Zone 8a, 8b
Bloomingdale Zone 8b
Blue Ridge Zone 7a
Bluffton Zone 8b
Blythe Zone 8a
Bogart Zone 8a
Bonanza Zone 8a
Boston Zone 8b
Bostwick Zone 8a
Bowdon Zone 7b
Bowersville Zone 8a
Bowman Zone 8a
Boykin Zone 8b
Brantley County Zone 8b
Braselton Zone 8a
Braswell Zone 7b
Bremen Zone 7b
Brinson Zone 8b
Bronwood Zone 8b
Brookhaven Zone 7b, 8a
Brooklet Zone 8b
Brooks Zone 8a
Brooks County Zone 8b
Broxton Zone 8b
Brunswick Zone 9a
Bryan County Zone 8b, 9a
Buchanan Zone 7b
Buckhead Zone 8a
Buena Vista Zone 8a
Buford Zone 7b
Bulloch County Zone 8b
Burke County Zone 8a, 8b
Butler Zone 8a
Butts County Zone 8a
Byromville Zone 8a
Byron Zone 8a
Jackson Zone 8a
Jackson County Zone 7b, 8a
Jacksonville Zone 8b
Jakin Zone 8b
Jasper Zone 7b
Jasper County Zone 8a
Jeff Davis County Zone 8b
Jefferson Zone 8a
Jefferson County Zone 8a, 8b
Jeffersonville Zone 8a
Jenkins County Zone 8a, 8b
Jenkinsburg Zone 8a
Jersey Zone 8a
Jesup Zone 8b
Johns Creek Zone 7b
Johnson County Zone 8a, 8b
Jones County Zone 8a
Jonesboro Zone 8a
Junction City Zone 8a
Rabun County Zone 6b, 7a, 7b
Randolph County Zone 8a, 8b
Ranger Zone 7b
Raoul Zone 7b
Ray City Zone 8b
Rayle Zone 8a
Rebecca Zone 8b
Redan Zone 7b, 8a
Reed Creek Zone 8a
Register Zone 8b
Reidsville Zone 8b
Remerton Zone 8b
Rentz Zone 8b
Resaca Zone 7b
Rest Haven Zone 7b
Reynolds Zone 8a
Rhine Zone 8b
Riceboro Zone 8b
Richland Zone 8a
Richmond County Zone 8a
Richmond Hill Zone 8b
Riddleville Zone 8a
Rincon Zone 8b
Ringgold Zone 7b
Riverdale Zone 8a
Riverside Zone 8b
Roberta Zone 8a
Robins AFB Zone 8a
Rochelle Zone 8b
Rockdale County Zone 7b, 8a
Rockingham Zone 8b
Rockmart Zone 7b
Rocky Ford Zone 8b
Rome Zone 7b
Roopville Zone 7b
Rossville Zone 7b
Roswell Zone 7b
Royston Zone 8a
Russell Zone 7b, 8a
Rutledge Zone 8a
Cadwell Zone 8b
Cairo Zone 8b
Calhoun Zone 7b
Calhoun County Zone 8b
Calvary Zone 8b
Camak Zone 8a
Camden County Zone 8b, 9a
Camilla Zone 8b
Candler County Zone 8b
Candler-McAfee Zone 8a
Canon Zone 8a
Canoochee Zone 8b
Canton Zone 7b
Carl Zone 7b
Carlton Zone 8a
Carnesville Zone 8a
Carroll County Zone 7b, 8a
Carrollton Zone 7b
Cartersville Zone 7b
Catoosa County Zone 7b
Cave Spring Zone 7b
Cecil Zone 8b
Cedar Springs Zone 8b
Cedartown Zone 7b
Centerville Zone 8a
Centralhatchee Zone 7b
Chamblee Zone 7b
Charlton County Zone 8b
Chatham County Zone 8b, 9a
Chatsworth Zone 7b
Chattahoochee Hills Zone 7b, 8a
Chattanooga Valley Zone 7a, 7b
Chattooga County Zone 7a, 7b
Chauncey Zone 8b
Cherokee County Zone 7b
Cherry Log Zone 7a
Chester Zone 8a
Chickamauga Zone 7b
Clarke County Zone 8a
Clarkesville Zone 7b
Clarkston Zone 7b
Claxton Zone 8b
Clay County Zone 8a, 8b
Clayton Zone 7a, 7b
Clayton County Zone 8a
Clermont Zone 7b
Cleveland Zone 7b
Climax Zone 8b
Clinch County Zone 8b
Cobb County Zone 7b, 8a
Cobbtown Zone 8b
Cochran Zone 8a
Coffee County Zone 8b
Cohutta Zone 7b
Colbert Zone 8a
Coleman Zone 8b
College Park Zone 8a
Collins Zone 8b
Colquitt Zone 8b
Colquitt County Zone 8b
Columbia County Zone 8a
Columbus Zone 8a, 8b
Comer Zone 8a
Commerce Zone 7b, 8a
Concord Zone 8a
Conley Zone 8a
Conyers Zone 8a
Cook County Zone 8b
Coolidge Zone 8b
Cordele Zone 8b
Cornelia Zone 7b
Country Club Estates Zone 9a
Covington Zone 8a
Coweta County Zone 7b, 8a
Crawford Zone 8a
Crawford County Zone 8a
Crawfordville Zone 8a
Crisp County Zone 8b
Crooked Creek Zone 8a
Culloden Zone 8a
Cumming Zone 7b
Cusseta-Chattahoochee County Zone 8a, 8b
Cuthbert Zone 8b
Kennesaw Zone 7b
Keysville Zone 8a
Kings Bay Base Zone 9a
Kingsland Zone 8b, 9a
Kingston Zone 7b
Knoxville Zone 8a
Sale City Zone 8b
Salem Zone 8a
Sandersville Zone 8a
Sandy Springs Zone 7b
Santa Claus Zone 8b
Sardis Zone 8a
Sasser Zone 8b
Satilla Zone 8b
Sautee-Nacoochee Zone 7b
Savannah Zone 8b
Schley County Zone 8a, 8b
Scotland Zone 8b
Scottdale Zone 7b
Screven Zone 8b
Screven County Zone 8a, 8b
Seminole County Zone 8b
Senoia Zone 8a
Seville Zone 8b
Shady Dale Zone 8a
Shannon Zone 7b
Sharon Zone 8a
Sharpsburg Zone 8a
Shellman Zone 8b
Shiloh Zone 7b
Siloam Zone 8a
Skidaway Island Zone 8b
Sky Valley Zone 6b, 7a
Smithville Zone 8b
Smyrna Zone 7b, 8a
Snellville Zone 7b
Social Circle Zone 8a
Soperton Zone 8b
Spalding County Zone 8a
Sparks Zone 8b
Sparta Zone 8a
Springfield Zone 8b
St. Marys Zone 9a
St. Simons Zone 9a
Stapleton Zone 8a
Statenville Zone 8b
Statesboro Zone 8b
Statham Zone 8a
Stewart County Zone 8a
Stillmore Zone 8b
Stockbridge Zone 8a
Stone Mountain Zone 7b
Sugar Hill Zone 7b
Summertown Zone 8b
Summerville Zone 7b
Sumner Zone 8b
Sumter County Zone 8a, 8b
Sunny Side Zone 8a
Sunnyside Zone 8b
Sunset Village Zone 8a
Surrency Zone 8b
Suwanee Zone 7b
Swainsboro Zone 8b
Sycamore Zone 8b
Sylvania Zone 8b
Sylvester Zone 8b
Dacula Zone 7b
Dade County Zone 7a, 7b
Dahlonega Zone 7b
Daisy Zone 8b
Dallas Zone 7b
Dalton Zone 7b
Damascus Zone 8b
Danielsville Zone 8a
Danville Zone 8a
Darien Zone 9a
Dasher Zone 8b
Davisboro Zone 8a
Dawson Zone 8b
Dawson County Zone 6b, 7a, 7b
Dawsonville Zone 7b
De Soto Zone 8b
Dearing Zone 8a
Decatur Zone 7b
Decatur County Zone 8b
Deenwood Zone 8b
Deepstep Zone 8a
DeKalb County Zone 7b, 8a
Demorest Zone 7b
Denton Zone 8b
Dewy Rose Zone 8a
Dexter Zone 8a
Dillard Zone 7a
Dock Junction Zone 9a
Dodge County Zone 8a, 8b
Doerun Zone 8b
Donalsonville Zone 8b
Dooling Zone 8a
Dooly County Zone 8a, 8b
Doraville Zone 7b
Dougherty County Zone 8b
Douglas Zone 8b
Douglas County Zone 7b, 8a
Douglasville Zone 7b, 8a
Druid Hills Zone 7b, 8a
Du Pont Zone 8b
Dublin Zone 8a
Dudley Zone 8a
Duluth Zone 7b
Dunwoody Zone 7b
Dutch Island Zone 8b
LaFayette Zone 7b
LaGrange Zone 8a
Lake City Zone 8a
Lake Park Zone 8b
Lakeland Zone 8b
Lakeview Zone 7b
Lakeview Estates Zone 8a
Lamar County Zone 8a
Lanier County Zone 8b
Laurens County Zone 8a, 8b
Lavonia Zone 8a
Lawrenceville Zone 7b
Leary Zone 8b
Lee County Zone 8a, 8b
Leesburg Zone 8b
Lenox Zone 8b
Leslie Zone 8b
Lexington Zone 8a
Liberty County Zone 8b, 9a
Lilburn Zone 7b
Lilly Zone 8b
Lincoln County Zone 8a
Lincoln Park Zone 8a
Lincolnton Zone 8a
Lindale Zone 7b
Lithia Springs Zone 7b
Lithonia Zone 8a
Locust Grove Zone 8a
Loganville Zone 7b, 8a
Lone Oak Zone 8a
Long County Zone 8b
Lookout Mountain Zone 7a
Louisville Zone 8a
Lovejoy Zone 8a
Lowndes County Zone 8b
Ludowici Zone 8b
Lula Zone 7b
Lumber City Zone 8b
Lumpkin Zone 8a
Lumpkin County Zone 6b, 7a, 7b
Luthersville Zone 8a
Lyerly Zone 7b
Lyons Zone 8b
Talahi Island Zone 8b
Talbot County Zone 7b, 8a
Talbotton Zone 8a
Taliaferro County Zone 8a
Talking Rock Zone 7b
Tallapoosa Zone 7b
Tallulah Falls Zone 7b
Talmo Zone 8a
Tarrytown Zone 8b
Tate City Zone 7a
Tattnall County Zone 8b
Taylor County Zone 8a, 8b
Taylorsville Zone 7b
Telfair County Zone 8b
Temple Zone 7b
Tennille Zone 8a
Terrell County Zone 8a, 8b
The Rock Zone 8a
Thomas County Zone 8b, 9a
Thomaston Zone 8a
Thomasville Zone 8b
Thomson Zone 8a
Thunderbolt Zone 8b
Tift County Zone 8b
Tifton Zone 8b
Tiger Zone 7b
Tignall Zone 8a
Toccoa Zone 7b, 8a
Toombs County Zone 8b
Toomsboro Zone 8a
Towns County Zone 6a, 6b, 7a
Trenton Zone 7b
Treutlen County Zone 8b
Trion Zone 7b
Troup County Zone 7b, 8a
Tucker Zone 7b
Tunnel Hill Zone 7b
Turin Zone 8a
Turner County Zone 8b
Twiggs County Zone 8a, 8b
Twin City Zone 8b
Ty Ty Zone 8b
Tybee Island Zone 8b
Tyrone Zone 7b, 8a
Eagle Grove Zone 8a
Early County Zone 8b
East Dublin Zone 8a
East Ellijay Zone 7b
East Griffin Zone 8a
East Newnan Zone 7b
East Point Zone 8a
Eastman Zone 8b
Eatonton Zone 8a
Echols County Zone 8b
Edge Hill Zone 8a
Edison Zone 8b
Effingham County Zone 8b
Elbert County Zone 7b, 8a
Elberton Zone 7b, 8a
Ellaville Zone 8a
Ellenton Zone 8b
Ellijay Zone 7b
Emanuel County Zone 8a, 8b
Emerson Zone 7b
Empire Zone 8b
Enigma Zone 8b
Ephesus Zone 7b
Epworth Zone 7a
Eton Zone 7b
Euharlee Zone 7b
Evans Zone 8a
Evans County Zone 8b
Experiment Zone 8a
Mableton Zone 7b, 8a
Macon County Zone 8a, 8b
Macon-Bibb County Zone 8a
Madison Zone 8a
Madison County Zone 7b, 8a
Manassas Zone 8b
Manchester Zone 7b, 8a
Mansfield Zone 8a
Marietta Zone 7b
Marion County Zone 8a
Marshallville Zone 8a
Martin Zone 8a
Martinez Zone 8a
Matthews Zone 8a
Maxeys Zone 8a
Maysville Zone 7b, 8a
McCaysville Zone 7a
McDonough Zone 8a
McDuffie County Zone 8a
McIntosh County Zone 8b, 9a
McIntyre Zone 8a
McRae Zone 8b
Meansville Zone 8a
Meigs Zone 8b
Mendes Zone 8b
Menlo Zone 7b
Meriwether County Zone 7b, 8a
Metter Zone 8b
Midville Zone 8b
Midway Zone 8b
Milan Zone 8b
Milledgeville Zone 8a
Millen Zone 8a
Miller County Zone 8b
Milner Zone 8a
Milton Zone 7b
Mineral Bluff Zone 7a
Mitchell Zone 8a
Mitchell County Zone 8b
Molena Zone 8a
Monroe Zone 8a
Monroe County Zone 8a
Montezuma Zone 8a, 8b
Montgomery Zone 8b
Montgomery County Zone 8b
Monticello Zone 8a
Montrose Zone 8a
Moody AFB Zone 8b
Moreland Zone 8a
Morgan Zone 8b
Morgan County Zone 8a
Morganton Zone 7a
Morrow Zone 8a
Morven Zone 8b
Moultrie Zone 8b
Mount Airy Zone 7b
Mount Vernon Zone 8b
Mount Zion Zone 7b
Mountain City Zone 7a
Mountain Park Zone 7b
Mountain Park Zone 7b
Murray County Zone 6b, 7a, 7b
Muscogee County Zone 8a, 8b
Unadilla Zone 8a, 8b
Union City Zone 8a
Union County Zone 6a, 6b, 7a
Union Point Zone 8a
Unionville Zone 8b
Upson County Zone 7b, 8a
Uvalda Zone 8b
Fair Oaks Zone 7b
Fairburn Zone 7b, 8a
Fairmount Zone 7b
Fannin County Zone 6b, 7a, 7b
Fargo Zone 8b
Fayette County Zone 7b, 8a
Fayetteville Zone 8a
Fitzgerald Zone 8b
Flemington Zone 8b
Flovilla Zone 8a
Flowery Branch Zone 7b, 8a
Floyd County Zone 7a, 7b
Folkston Zone 8b
Forest Park Zone 8a
Forsyth Zone 8a
Forsyth County Zone 7a, 7b, 8a
Fort Gaines Zone 8b
Fort Oglethorpe Zone 7b
Fort Stewart Zone 8b
Fort Valley Zone 8a
Franklin Zone 7b
Franklin County Zone 8a
Franklin Springs Zone 8a
Fulton County Zone 7b, 8a
Funston Zone 8b
Nahunta Zone 8b
Nashville Zone 8b
Nelson Zone 7b
Newborn Zone 8a
Newington Zone 8b
Newnan Zone 7b, 8a
Newton Zone 8b
Newton County Zone 8a
Nicholls Zone 8b
Nicholson Zone 8a
Norcross Zone 7b
Norman Park Zone 8b
Norristown Zone 8b
North Decatur Zone 7b
North Druid Hills Zone 7b, 8a
North High Shoals Zone 8a
Norwood Zone 8a
Nunez Zone 8b
Valdosta Zone 8b
Varnell Zone 7b
Vernonburg Zone 8b
Vidalia Zone 8b
Vidette Zone 8a
Vienna Zone 8b
Villa Rica Zone 7b
Vinings Zone 7b, 8a
Gainesville Zone 7b, 8a
Garden City Zone 8b
Garfield Zone 8b
Gay Zone 8a
Geneva Zone 8a
Georgetown Zone 8b
Georgetown-Quitman County Zone 8a, 8b
Gibson Zone 8a
Gillsville Zone 8a
Gilmer County Zone 6b, 7a, 7b
Girard Zone 8a
Glascock County Zone 8a
Glennville Zone 8b
Glenwood Zone 8b
Glynn County Zone 8b, 9a
Good Hope Zone 8a
Gordon Zone 8a
Gordon County Zone 7a, 7b
Grady County Zone 8b
Graham Zone 8b
Grantville Zone 8a
Gray Zone 8a
Grayson Zone 7b
Greene County Zone 7b, 8a
Greensboro Zone 8a
Greenville Zone 8a
Gresham Park Zone 8a
Griffin Zone 8a
Grovetown Zone 8a
Gumbranch Zone 8b
Gumlog Zone 8a
Guyton Zone 8b
Gwinnett County Zone 7b, 8a
Oak Park Zone 8b
Oakwood Zone 7b
Ochlocknee Zone 8b
Ocilla Zone 8b
Oconee Zone 8a
Odum Zone 8b
Offerman Zone 8b
Oglethorpe Zone 8a, 8b
Oglethorpe County Zone 7b, 8a
Oliver Zone 8b
Omega Zone 8b
Orchard Hill Zone 8a
Oxford Zone 8a
Waco Zone 7b
Wadley Zone 8a, 8b
Waleska Zone 7b
Walker County Zone 7a, 7b
Walnut Grove Zone 8a
Walthourville Zone 8b
Walton County Zone 7b, 8a
Ware County Zone 8b
Warm Springs Zone 7b, 8a
Warner Robins Zone 8a
Warren County Zone 8a
Warrenton Zone 8a
Warwick Zone 8b
Washington Zone 8a
Washington County Zone 8a, 8b
Watkinsville Zone 8a
Waverly Hall Zone 8a
Waycross Zone 8b
Wayne County Zone 8b
Waynesboro Zone 8a
Webster County Zone 8a
Webster County Zone 8a
West Point Zone 8a
Wheeler County Zone 8b
Whigham Zone 8b
White Zone 7b
White County Zone 6b, 7a, 7b
White Plains Zone 8a
Whitemarsh Island Zone 8b
Whitesburg Zone 7b
Whitfield County Zone 7a, 7b
Wilcox County Zone 8a, 8b
Wilkes County Zone 8a
Wilkinson County Zone 8a, 8b
Willacoochee Zone 8b
Williamson Zone 8a
Wilmington Island Zone 8b
Winder Zone 7b, 8a
Winterville Zone 8a
Woodbine Zone 9a
Woodbury Zone 8a
Woodland Zone 8a
Woodstock Zone 7b
Woodville Zone 8a
Woolsey Zone 8a
Worth County Zone 8b
Wrens Zone 8a
Wrightsville Zone 8a
Habersham County Zone 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a
Hagan Zone 8b
Hahira Zone 8b
Hall County Zone 7b, 8a
Hamilton Zone 8a
Hampton Zone 8a
Hancock County Zone 8a
Hannahs Mill Zone 8a
Hapeville Zone 8a
Haralson Zone 8a
Haralson County Zone 7b
Hardwick Zone 8a
Harlem Zone 8a
Harris County Zone 7b, 8a
Harrison Zone 8a
Hart County Zone 8a
Hartwell Zone 8a
Hawkinsville Zone 8a, 8b
Hazlehurst Zone 8b
Heard County Zone 7b, 8a
Helen Zone 7b
Helena Zone 8b
Henderson Zone 8b
Henry County Zone 8a
Hephzibah Zone 8a
Heron Bay Zone 8a
Hiawassee Zone 7a
Higgston Zone 8b
Hilltop Zone 8a
Hiltonia Zone 8b
Hinesville Zone 8b
Hiram Zone 7b
Hoboken Zone 8b
Hogansville Zone 8a
Holly Springs Zone 7b
Homeland Zone 8b
Homer Zone 7b, 8a
Homerville Zone 8b
Hoschton Zone 8a
Houston County Zone 8a, 8b
Howard Zone 8a
Hull Zone 8a
Palmetto Zone 7b
Panthersville Zone 8a
Parrott Zone 8a
Patterson Zone 8b
Paulding County Zone 7b
Pavo Zone 8b
Payne Zone 8a
Peach County Zone 8a, 8b
Peachtree City Zone 7b, 8a
Peachtree Corners Zone 7b
Pearson Zone 8b
Pelham Zone 8b
Pembroke Zone 8b
Pendergrass Zone 8a
Perkins Zone 8a
Perry Zone 8a
Phillipsburg Zone 8b
Pickens County Zone 7a, 7b
Pierce County Zone 8b
Pike County Zone 8a
Pine Lake Zone 7b
Pine Mountain Zone 7b, 8a
Pinehurst Zone 8b
Pineview Zone 8b
Pitts Zone 8b
Plains Zone 8a
Plainville Zone 7b
Polk County Zone 7b
Pooler Zone 8b
Port Wentworth Zone 8b
Portal Zone 8b
Porterdale Zone 8a
Poulan Zone 8b
Powder Springs Zone 7b
Pulaski Zone 8b
Pulaski County Zone 8a, 8b
Putnam County Zone 8a
Putney Zone 8b
Yatesville Zone 8a
Yonah Zone 7b
Young Harris Zone 7a
Zebulon Zone 8a